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free isp's


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Now that address.com and Altavista aren't going to be offering free internet I need some other suggestions. I have an account through my school but there's a time quota on it. Anyone know of good/reliable free isp's?


just for freei, just use dialupnetworking for it, no ads

netzero there are progz for it but i dont have any

go to http://www.google.com and search for Free Internet

you will get alot
freei is gone

freei.com is gone (turned into netzero) cause of people stopping the ads and i think that this thread should be locked cause stopping ads is illegal.
Re: freei is gone

Originally posted by Epgs
freei.com is gone (turned into netzero) cause of people stopping the ads and i think that this thread should be locked cause stopping ads is illegal.

Freei.com did not have conventional ads... And no one mentioned stopping ads anywhere so I'm not sure what you're referring to.
I just lost my ISP in November -- Worldshare.com...
And then I switched to WebFlyer.com and they just stopped service today...

So...right now, I'm using dotnow.com and netzero.net (I only use netzero when I have to).
A lot of people post here about paying for domains rather than free ones, and paying for hosting opposed to free ones but you are still looking for free isp's? There are so many ones out there that offer unlimited usage for under $20 a month and a lot of public library's offer free access as well as schools. What is the big deal with paying $20 a month??? Count yourself lucky if you can pay that little -- out where I am, I have no such choice (can't even access the free ones most of the time) since there is a monopoly here. I pay almost $300 Canadian a year for 80 hours a month with overtime being $1.00 an hour.
Well if I could pay for a real ISP... I would...

Right now, my family is surviving off of 1 1/2 incomes (I do what I can on the computer when I get a chance).

I have a 9 1/2 month old son, and my husband is the only one working away from home right now - full time. All our $$ is going to paying off student loans and credit card debts as well as putting food in our son's mouth and diapers on his bottom... :)

I'll take all that I can for free if it helps us survive. :)

We don't even have cable television....

Plus... all the ISPs around here that don't want $$$ up front are crappy and for some reason don't work with my computer (computer VS computer conflicts).

I'm done rambling... :)

But free stuff off the net is helping us save money... :) That's my excuse...and I'm sticking to it... What's you're excuse?? hehe :D
Their seems to be a shake out going on with free ISP's. I'd choose a big one that will probably be standing when the dust settles. Maybe Netzero or Juno???
Along with the decline in internet advertising revenue so goes anything supported by it including free isp's.
The only decent free ISP I've tried was WorldSpy and they shut down about a month after I found them, so I went back to paying for it. I only pay $16.95 a month for unlimited access and they give 50megs of webspace with the account. They're only in Arizona and Southern California though.

I just read an article yesterday that most of the free ones are going away. AltaVista just announced theirs and BlueLight.com/K-mart bought out SpinWay, who they were reselling, when they went bankrupt. K-mart's waiting until after the X-mas shopping season and then they may either start charging for service, or put limits on it. I think NetZero and Juno are the only ones still somewhat solvent.
A friend of mine, here in Phoenix, uses NetZero and says they were pretty decent (speed-wise and everything else), but it may be a matter of where you live.
I think Netzero's speed has a lot to do with where you connect from. I live in Arkansas and their connection is around 36k (I certainly wouldn't want it as my only connection). I have talked to friends in other cities and some get better connections, some get worse. Luckily I pay my local ISP 10.95 a month for 360 hours.

With all of the free ISP's biting the dust, I think Netzero and maybe Juno will probably be the only ones left standing.

Peace... :cool:
free lane

free lane will be shutting down too. If you have tried both freelane and altavista (i have) well they have the same access numbers. They are both from 1stup (excite just isn't talked about) and there are also about 150 other free isps that were with 1stup who is now going out of business. oh and i like netzero 50.6666 connections. or at least 49.3333
Originally posted by ac
Hadn't heard of dotnow. Will try it.

I found tritium.net. Anyone have experience with them?

Tritium.net was actually one of the 1st FREE ISP providrs that used ADs instead of pay. But they went down for some reason and recently have gone back into business. I myself wouldn't trust them now since they run hru some oter company. Not there own like before.

I use netzero ... sometimes it's great won't get disconnected for @ least 7 - 8hrs ... but i sometimes get this invaild user thing. I don't know why but the only way around this is to register a new name ... haha

hey they are the first free isp i ever saw but didn't have access numbers in my area
Free ISP dont make that much money offering free internet... Because people be downloading and sucking up on there bandwith which cost hella money... Right now i think only netzero is the best FREE ISP even tho they have a fat advertisment banner...