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FREE RESELLERS and cpanel hosting at Bizari Networks!!


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Check out http://bizari.com/ for the best deals on the net.

500mb Cpanel Account = FREE

4gig Cpanel Reseller = FREE


And that is litteraly the word at Bizari, free. We are all about giving you, the user, services at no cost what so ever.

We also offer free blogs, forums, image hosting, and many other great services.


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very nice plans!! Do we have to put the ad on every page or just homepage? And do our clients have to put them on their site too?


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WOW! your offers just keep on getting better and better!
How much bw do we get with the 4 gb reseller?
Keep it up, like you always do,



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It says on your forum in the "how to apply" section that the 500 meg accounts are no longer available.

Mr. Brightside

New Member
maybe the moved servers for the main site and havent transfered the sql db's yet....or its another sql error. perhaps the sql server is down. anyone hosted by them having problems?


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Mr. Brightside said:
hmm...not an error...its really broken. is it the mybb script?
its not the forum script beause their blog page is recieving the same errors, seems like a crashed/overloaded db...

they have more then 1 server so it is likely only some people will be affected, and as far as im aware no server moves were schedualed...

but as soon as one of the main admin awakes im sure itll be sorted in no time...

their help and staff are quite efficient...

ive saw this host before looking at some other hosting forum i thought it looked great and now i see it here and it looks even better so i gess they progressed to the future and even better then before and getting better sweet


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Taking ages to get my reseller account up and running (been over 2 weeks since I was accepted). The admin has now taken time off (he says from a week to a year in his announcement).

An admin has taken over the job, but I'll have to wait and see if my reseller actually ever gets set up.


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Hi there... The origanal owner left Bizari, so if you haven't got your reseller account your should probably send to jcws649 on those forums.