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Hi, i need a free host package for a multiplayer game. MMORPG.
I need at least 5GB space and 20GB badwith. (if it can with upgrade when i need moore).
I don't want any post to host. I'l put your link in footer in every page. And a 468*60 banner in rotation, every page also.
I need Cpanel, and cron jobs,email,pop3 suported.
I have the domain registered, so i need only the host package.
Post here or pm me for thoose who are interested.
With those requirements, you should probably go paid. I'd expect you'll be back, if you receive an offer for your request from a free host.

- Lucas
there are a lot of free host offers plans that fulfill your requirements, but for forum posting. It's impossible to get it without anything in return.
like i said before, i'l put ads on every page also link in footer.
I accept also your google ads, but i will put the code into source not automated by server.
Also i accept some posts, but not 1000 for this package.
5/month would be great.
It sounds interesting, I might host you.

It depends on whether or not you mind what type of cpanel you get. (Just want swift advertised, no post to host)
The host i want is for the web based game. it's written in php and using mysql and cron jobs.

Junixx what do you meen in "swift advertised" ?
Swift advertised as in I can advertise Swift File Hosting on your site. It would help me out more than the actual hosting would help you out ROFL.

So yea, if you guys are still interested I would be more than willing. The webspace is hosted on a fast datacentre anyway so its a win win.

Also note that I'm not a free hoster. You will be the only client on this other than myself. As far as reliability goes, I can guarantee five years +
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ok. i'l put your banner 468*60 in advertisers area and also a link to your site, if you could get me this package.
The host i want is for the web based game. it's written in php and using mysql and cron jobs.

Junixx what do you meen in "swift advertised" ?

Hosting providers be aware of hosting text based game that send out 1000`s of emails using crons.
i can host you,

we can offer you

1gb of space (10gb+ of space if ur game gets off the ground)
100gb of bandwith (will give u half of the servers bandwith as well, 1,500gb, but not at first)
All these specs can go up, as long as im making a profit on my ads.
unlimited everything

I want my ads at the top and bottom of everypage

i can start u off at like 500mb space and if u need more ill upgrade

cant give u link because i have someone installing ipanel for me rate now, but pm and i can set u up when server comes back online
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