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Google Chrome Operating System!

Google OS, really?
I didn't here about this operating system. But I think it would be hard to beat Windows 7.

Google chrome is also much usable site,now a days everyone trying to work fast so chrome the best site for work fastly.
I've gone and installed Chromium on my laptop through a USB stick. It's quite neat. I might install it on my machine in a triple boot (Windows 7, OSX, Chromium) but it will take a LOT of getting used to. It defiantly has some good potential, it won't replace desktop OS' but its certainly good for quick stuff, which I mostly do on my laptop - so its almost perfect. I'm using "Flow" by Heexah (http://chromeos.hexxeh.net). There are a few problems with this release on my machine (which bare in mind isn't officially supported on their Wiki, but it's very similar to those that are. They have a few Vaio's listed). The keyboard didn't work out the box on first boot, but it did after logging into Guest, and logging out. I have no tap features on my mousepad. Even though it's enabled in settings it doesn't work. There's no scroll options either, which I miss. Mousepad worked generally for movement (even with speed changes in settings). The keyboard layout is a bit muddled too. I set it to GB on login (and in settings many times) but it keeps changing to US, but the problem still exists. Main is swapped buttons. @ is on number 2 key, and " is on the @ key etc.

It's a lot like OSx86 was when I installed it on my laptop. A lot of it works, but it needs more work. I think I might have to attempt some changes for my machine. A new toy :D
Google Chrome have good speed, Stability, Lightweight and also ease of use but on the other hand there are some features and extension are missing.
Google Chrome have good speed, Stability, Lightweight and also ease of use but on the other hand there are some features and extension are missing.

That's the web browser - we're talking about the Google OS :)

Interesting that Dynash, funny that Samsung should be in there first though :eek: thought some of the more predominant brands might have jumped on the bandwagon before it set off too.
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Google is creating Chrome OS to water down the client market. Right now if you write a windows app you're assured millions of users. But if the number of platforms greatly increase (and Mac/Linux/Smartphones have already started doing a job on it) then no single platform will have millions of users except the web. Developers are going to be driven to write web-based apps so they can reach the largest set of customers, which is exactly what google wants.
In that case Google is doing what it's business model dictates as do Microsoft ad Apple.

Can you even imagine what would happen is Google were suddenly short of cash and shut down tonight?

They are not watering down the market they're injecting themselves into it, and they'd be stupid not to, it's a simple 'next step' for them to be honest.

I don't see MS or Apple pooping their pampers just yet, and since MS are already selling 'cloud' apps like office they're already there too.

Apple and *nix have been around for decades, smartphones are usually thought of as windows, droid phones (Google Android) are different (completely), tablets are Apples big thing so it's really a case of competition making the market more accessible at a better price to us grunts :)

Or if you don't think there should be competition try a wiki search on communism...
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Yes, i mount Chrome OS in my pen drive and Worked on it. It is not so good. Have to add more number of features, i can say.
It has given me the feel like working everything in Chrome browser itself. Best for syncing and better to keep our data in cloud.
Google Chrome have good speed, Stability and also ease of use but there are some features and extension are missing. Otherwise google chrome is better.

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