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Google, TLA or Clicksor?


New Member
Wich is the best one for cpm? (since i really dont think my visitors will click on the ads) hehehehe
Google adsense? Textlinkads or clicksor? or is there a better one?

Google adsense, is very good but ususally for sole business owners not necessarily for companies, as its usually checks mailed.

TLA I can't comment on, but i have an account there and the ads are not at all intrusive and they've been around for a while.

Clicksor is what i'm mostly into, payments by paypal, mail etc. Very good company if you get good hits, if you don't you might be stuck for a while until you get $50, so if you got good hits, then its no problem. Plus the account managers there are very responsive and help you out very nicely.
Bitvertiser it seems every week they have a "FREE" $20s deal going, i have a account there, their ads are like those of google in terms of the styles but only text ads as far as i know. Payout is horrible to my understanding, at the day of payment they deduct a severe amount, and have many "random reasons" for it, if you search bidvertiser on google you can some of the people scammed out by them. I don't trust them, but be sure to try it out and tell me how it is.
TLA is the best. If you don't mind serving pop-ups, Adversal is a good choice, too.
Bidvertiser pays you even less tahn the all others I've ever used.

Clicksor is what I can recommend. Google Adsense takes the second position.
An adavntage of clicksor is that you can get paid while you've $50, but with adsense its $100.
If you don't get any traffic, then it would be TLA's, but you have to try and get into it first. If you can't get into it then it would be Adsense, but then you have to get the direct advertisers selecting your website for clicks.

If you don't think you will get any clicks, then I would recommend sending some decent traffic to your website that will convert.