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Google Wave: It's The End of the World As We Know It...

What I find funny is they always shut things down rather than sell them, I think they are scared that someone will make it work better than they could...
I actually really liked Wave... quite useful for collaborations.

I still use it almost daily.
I was actually planning on utilising Google Wave once it was better developed.
I fooled around with it a bit and like most other users I was waiting for it to be improved, it did a few crazy things when myself, friends and partners tried to use it together. @Dark, that's the pimp part about it - they've got enough cashflow to be perfectly fine with a failure and I'm sure they keep the old stuff to both not let anyone buy it and cash in on it (LOL, would be a total smack in the face) as well as use it at a later date in another project or revive it completely.

I wonder what they've got planned next beyond Chrome, Market and the Chrome OS Tablet (which I totally have to have) set to drop later this year.
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I love using wave and have used a lot, and it's definitely helped on several occasions. However I'm not suprised that it failed. The invite-only strategy they used to launch it was not thought out.. anyone who's used wave immediately wants to try it out with all their friends, and if they got their invite on some randomer on the internet then none of their friends will have it.. so it'll go unused & forgotten. It took real effort for me to get people invited so I could try it.