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Guess in 20 Questains

He means what he says :)

I thought money - it said coin
I thought Parrot - it said Macaw
I thought horse - it said horse
I thought salmon - it said salmon!

This actually freaks me out :)
I was thinking girl, it said a jacket, bathrobe or pyjama.
I gave up and quited afterwards.
the first time it got it in 17 questions. i thought skateboard, and it said skateboard, but, i stumped it the second time. i was thinking concert, and it asked wedding, auction and a couple other things that were way off. :p
Yeah, second time I stumped it too.. I was thinking rocks. After 28 questions it came to the conclusion pebbles. I thought, "close enough" lol
The system took 24 questions to guess it. The first guess, Katana, was pretty close but I was thinking of a sword.
I thought of squid, it asked 14 random questions and out of nowhere asked me if I was thinking of a squid!

Pretty amazing.
It got shampoo, that amazed me :O

Btw MCT, Wedding isn't that far off a concert
I beat it, I was thinking of a football & it said a washing basket lol, it got it though but I still won hehe.
my wife said vibrator, and the closest it got way toy. haha., but, never got the actual thing i was think of. :p

then we tried jar, and is said glass adn drinking glass, that was the closest it got.
Alright, I'm shocked. It asked me 16 questions and got it. And the questions are not exactly specific. Try and guess who/what it was..

16. Do you have blond hair? No.
15. Are you shown in the morning? No.
14. Have you been syndicated? No.
13. Do you wear a hat? No.
12. Are you a cartoon? Yes.
11. Do you involve animals? No.
10. Are you short? Yes.
9. Were you originally a half hour TV show? Yes.
8. Are you shown in the daytime? No.
7. Have you ever been married? No.
6. Are you an HBO series? No.
5. Are you female? No.
4. Are you a relatively young actor? Yes.
3. Are you made by Disney? No.
2. Are you about family life? Yes.
1. It is classified as Person. Yes