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heh, not cool


I got sucked into trying out World of Warcraft.

and I liked it.


My woman brought it home and poopsocked the whole first weekend she had it. I berated her, made fun of her, timed her sessions and told her she's not allowed to stop washing or making me sandwiches.

aaand now she's got me playing it.

I'm surprised; I've never ever been a fan of computer games. I used to (or still) make fun of the people who would talk about magic cards or there warcraft character in public.

I think role-playing is gay, I have no gaming consoles, a ----ty computer, no computer games, etc. I guess having a girlfriend who likes that sort of stuff is bound to catch up with a guy eventually.

haha, my wife loves these type of games, and i have done everything in my power to keep her from playing WOW. right now she is stuck on Diablo II. I hate all these kind of games, and one reason i refuse to play is cause i would probably get sucked in and like them. the only reason i really hate them is cause i know they are just a huge waste of time, and i would never get anything done that would need to be done.

as for what Carl said, i concur ;)
My brother played WoW for 1 year, then quit and went back to FFXI, then he went back to WoW for another year, then it got boring again, so he went to FFXI once more (Whilst playing Warcraft inbetween etc) now he's gone back to WoW because FFXI is boring and there are hardly any UK people playing, they're either all Japanese or American, so there are bad timezones.

I like these games, but I can't see how people can play WoW for years on end, everyday all day and enjoy it! It's so boring, I must admit though, I do enjoy playing, so does my brother, but not for ages.

(Then there are those noobs who want better graphics for WoW, ¬_¬)
Gayo, get off that train dude. Not only is it going to destroy your life, I will also mock you endlessly for being like the rest of these virgins around here.
Yeah, me too. Though even if it was free I'd probably give it a test run and just stop after 10 minutes.
Orc_dragoon is gonna try and have cyber sex your girl. Be aware!

I tried out WoW at one stage, it's not bad but its that good either. Didn't play past the 10 day trial.. this ---- is too easy get sucked into.
Gayo's not going to answer for a couple of days due to his addiction.

That's probably very true, lol.

Who says you have to PAY? :angel:

I never understood the appeal of private servers. Half of Wow's attraction is the fact that it's so many different people, and even doing the same quests/instances numerous times - it's different every time thanks to the people. Having said that, I've never played on a private server, so maybe there's some appeal I'm missing.

Uhhh... Blizzard says so.

Yeah, knew a guy who had his 70 perma-banned for this.


What realm did you guys roll on? I have four 70s on two different realms (2 Horde 70s, 2 alliance 70s) so if you happen to be on one of mine, I can lend you guys a hand with some starter gold/bags/etc.

I've been playing this game for years now. (Started 2004? I think?) It doesn't really get boring. I recently rolled a Shaman, the only class I haven't levelled to at least level 30. So it's a whole new experience, and game, for me. Previous to that, I spent time with my main (horde holy paladin), getting her epic flying mount, then Netherdrake mount, talbuk mount from Nagrand, reputation for enchanting recipes (there's few she doesn't have now), and raided with her through to Tier 5 gear. Quit raiding shortly after the guild I was in started Hyjal. I keep playing because of the friends you make, the sheer random fun (bored of PVE? Go PVP. Or level professions, or rep, or do an instances, or dailies, or just go gathering).

But yeah, if you guys need any advice or anything let me know. Best piece of advice I can give: STAY AWAY FROM WoW GENERAL FORUMS. Seriously not joking here. They're a bunch of soul sucking jerks who will have you believing that whatever class/race combo you rolled is the worst in the game and you are gimp and blah blah blah. They're a hive of negativity and hate :p.
I've got toons on Cho'gall, Aegwynn, Duskwood, Eredar. Those are toons >40; have some other alts floating around I think.

What about you?