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heh, not cool

I'm declaring this thread a lolcat free zone.

In other news just over 1000 glow sticks arrived on my doorstep. I will be selling them to hippy ravers next weekend.

they better ----in buy them, otherwise i don't know what I'm going to do.
You buy them wholesale? What kind of price you get on them?
Haha. You do realize that by logging in you are allowing blizzard to transmit nicotine and saturate your keyboard and mouse in it.

Anyway, I was stuck for two years. the ONLY thing that saved me was that I had an awesome guild with awesome friends...one of them is still my real life friend even (sounds like thats what kept me playing, right? read on)

There I was. End game. Level 60, the burning crusade hype was beginning as blizzard revealed details about it. BAM. Guild changes leadership structure, all my friends leave, just the bastards left. Pretty soon my friends are even doing server transfers, so I made a decision right then and there.

Find new people, wait for the expansion, and be "stuck" (yes, addicted...I admit I was) playing this game for the rest of my life....or get over it.

Well you can see what choice I made as I am making a post somewhere besides guild forums. But honestly...I know how an ex smoker feels, I really think I do. Whenever one of my friends brings up warcraft and all the new things they have done, changes they have made.....its so tempting. There is a certain....quality, that will always keep me wanting it again. It's just that now I can resist. (So what if I was pathetic?)