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Help! שי-לי פתרונות תוכנה ומחשוב is contacting me!


Mah Gituar Rox
I Got this email today! and i havnt got a clue what its about:p
Can someone tell me?

אתר שלם כולל אחסון בחינם גם לעסקים וגם לאנשים פרטיים!!!

למה סתם לשלם....

אם אתם בעלי עסק ואין לכם אתר אינטרנט,
או אם פשוט בא לכם אתר פרטי משלכם,
עכשיו תוכלו לקבל אתר שלם כולל האחסון עם ממשק ובחינם.
אתר קטלוגי , אתר תדמיתי
או ח נ ו ת אונליין,
בחינם , חינם , חינם!!!!!!

כחלק מלקוחותינו החינמיים
תקבלו פרסום חינם בפורטל האתרים שלנו ובחלק ממנועי החיפוש
ותקבלו גם דומיין משלכם בחינם!!!!

ללא דמי התקנה, ללא התחייבות, ללא דמי רישום, ללא דמי מנוי חודשיים, ללא דמי הקמה.
חינם לחלוטין!!!

לקבלת אתר:

כמוכן למעוניינים בפרסום אצלנו בכיותר ממעל ל- 200 אתרים
ובפרסום של כ- 10,000 חשיפות ליום
פנו אלינו במייל זה, מומלץ גם להשאיר טלפון ונחזור אליכם בנוגע לפרסום מסוג זה

לכל שאלה שהיא בנושא האתר את מוזמנים לפנות אלינו חזרה במייל זה
או לפורום
looks like a Hebrew scam.

Complete site including storage for free also on business and also to the private people!!!

Why just lshlm....

If you have a business and you don't have website,
Or if simple comes you your private site,
Now you will be able to receive a complete site including the storage with interface and for free.
Catalogic site, site of my image [image site]
Or h were and was online,
For free, free of charge, free of charge!!!!!!

As part of our customers hhinmim
You will receive advertising free of charge in the portal of our sites [our sites portal] and in the part of the search engines
And receive also was imagined from yours for free!!!!

Without fees of installation, without pledge, without fees of registering, without fees of membership two months, without fees of establishment.
Free of charge absolutely!!!

To the receipt of site:
Http : / / reg.shay li.co.il

As ready to the interested in advertising at our place bciotr from over to 200 sites
And in advertising of about 10,000 exposures to the day
Turned to us in this mile, is recommended also to leave a telephone and return to you concerning advertising from this type

For all question that she is in the subject of the site [site subject] you are invited to turn to us returned in this mile
Or to the forum
I know a herbew person who is likely to scam. but why do all the scammers come to me, what do they want from me? :/
Johnson (LG) said:
Pff, I taught him Hebrew along with Italian and Chinese.

Actually, my RE teacher taught me Hebrew. It's pretty much English with a different alphabet (they have one letter for each sound, ie sh or ch). Sounds completely different though, obviously.

But yah. I used an online translator.

[Deccan] Neil said:
I have been getting spam in my Gmail lately. o_o

click 'report spam' and all email from that source should go away :)
conkermaniac said:
Does Google have any way of checking to make sure that it really is spam and not some vengeful friend? :S
They probably only do anything about it if lots of people report it:)
Why not just report it as phising attack, evenif its spam, i guess they do something abt such people when its reported as phising. I am not sure if they really bother abt spam as yet.

May be they can add this in their db and use it once GMail is final, but by then spammer will be using diff. email ID.
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