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Holiday Thread


For those of you going away or staying home, I guess I would like to see whay you would be doing over the holidays, whether it be for this spring break or in a few months.

If we can keep this open for longer periods of time, we could post in here evry time a holiday will be coming shortly.

Of course, I'll be at home for spring break, either on the internet or watching anime.
I've just come home from Åre, Sweden:D
It's a skiing place:p
It's pretty dam awesome!:p
Holidays? Thats ages away!!

But in the summer I'm going to North Carolina - should be good :)
Spring Break is in two weeks for me. Hopefully not going anywhere. Going places for spring break is for, and overrun with, tourists. I'm definitely not getting steamrollered into going to Detriot with my family like Fall Break. (For those who have never been, Detroit is pretty much horrible.)
What on earth is Spring Break all about? I hear the term so often, but have no clue what it is about. Is it the time in America when everyone finishes school, like schoolies week here?
It's exactly what it sounds like--a break from school, in the Spring.

You know, like Winter vacation, but in the Spring? ;)

I get a week off this month, but I doubt I'll be doing much.
heh, I already had my weeks worth of a break... and I am finished school for the year next month!
I am going to sit home on my lazy --- and code.
Yeah, I don't have a life if that's what you plan to ask :p
I don't think I really have a life, but eh.

-- Loves Anime (Goes to two clubs for showings)
-- Loves RPGs
-- Addicted to the Internet.

And I mean addicted, loving the Internet is just a cover up for the real deal.
stuffradio said:
But who is to say who does or doesn't have a life?

You're right, we should be grateful on the way people have their own ways and we are all individuals and not a collective.