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HostGator to be acquired for $225 million


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I'm suprised a thread hasn't started on this yet :eek:.

Endurance International Group (Aka EIG) is to acquire HostGator for at least $225 million from Brent. EIG has acquired and currently owns over 30 large hosting companies such as BlueHost, FatCow, iPage etc....

EIG is raising the finance for this deal and is expected to have it sealed within a couple weeks from now.

More info: http://greatresponder.com/2012/06/26/endurance-international-group-to-acquire-hostgator-web-hosting/

What do you think?
Hostgator will turn into rubbish, just like all the other EIG hosts. HG has already been on the decline for some time now. This will be the nail in the coffin.
Hostgator will turn into rubbish, just like all the other EIG hosts. HG has already been on the decline for some time now. This will be the nail in the coffin.

I don't think so.

I personally think they learnt from previous mistakes when they bought BlueHost - They made that a great success.

I think they will do as they did with BlueHost with HostGator making this possibly another EIG success.

If they run HG as they did BH, I think they will go far. If they go the route of their other hosts and put in vDeck and all that other crap, they are putting the final nail in the coffin.
BlueHost is a great success??? Says who? Have you ever read the reviews for them on any of the big hosting forums? Most of them are horrible.

We have had quite a few clients come over from BH, and their experiences were just plain scary, to say the least. You should hear some of the stories.
HostGator was pretty good when I used them. BlueHost was horrible with customer service, I have to give you that WSWD.
I've gotten a number of former BlueHost clients as well. Most of them were over SQL issues, but at least one was having billing problems.

It's nice of them to buy an already sliding big name and finish it off. That'll put a lot of customers back into an open market that is very much short on potential clients.
HostGator .... huh,
One story that i know is about WHMCS, when they got hacked. Someone disguised as WHMCS's owner/partner/administrator at Hostgator support and they let him into their dedicated server, infact they helped him to get in :p
After that we all knew what happened :p
Since acquired by EIG, everything went downhill for HG. Just a sad one for them.
I thought they were doing very well. I've been working through some Word Press tutorials and quite a number of them are pushing people in the direction of Hostgator with coupons. No mention that Hostgator is iffy. BUT I for the first time checked them out review wise and people are really unhappy with them. Apparently Hostgator is easy to sign up, and the basic service is OK, until one wants to make changes or get out of Hostgator. Sales support is abysmal particularly when one looks at the reviews below.