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HostMe3.com Nulled IPB?

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the man is a great guy so stop being ignorant and he own your server that your on now


No one is saying he is not a great guy, he's very respected in his area (hosting), he's got great knowledge in the subject. But everyone that has something good, also has something bad, and in Amz's case, it's his personality and lack of maturity.

Amz's does not own the server that I am on now, nor does he own the server that many of people are on, I can estimate that if he even owned 5% of all servers, he would be a billionaire and would not bother with FWS at all, he would also not employ someone like you and would have no problem getting a new laptop or getting his internet working.

Amz has been online, I've spoken to him over email since September last year, about nearing the same subject, we also often speak over PM's, he has been himself, and he has always been like that, but it seems this time he has pushed everyone a little too far, and he now has to suffer the consequences.

If you want to relay a message onto him, it would simply be: "Grow up..." Nothing more needs to be said, in fact I could say the same to you, he's been banned for being an a$$, it's final, and he deserved it, anyone who says otherwise is a fool.
amz is a good guy. you all should just drop this. if amz acts like an ---, than so be it. but dont slander his name, unless you have proof. all im saying.
well, if u got the proof then kool. to be honest, i agree with u all, its impossible to own 80% of the nets DC.
Anyhow amz hasnt logged into FWS for a long time. And he was banned without valuable reasons. However in light of all the ignorants here and incompetents actions of the administration he decided that he will lunch a rival service where people will be fairly judged and will not not arbitrarily ban people for no reason or without knowing the real facts.
Thats nice, but it really is not relevant here any longer as amz is no longer allowed here. Please quit whining here, you willl not get much sympathy.
you were willing to ban tetra but not me i find that very strange

And this is why last year 1/3 of fws user left last year amz and i are just following those footstep and were going to the same thing
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This entire thread is completely ridiculous and all of you should be
embarrassed and all of you should be totally ashamed of yourselves!

In the past 24 hours, I have received a number of messages from friends,
family, customers, colleagues, and co-workers telling me about this thread
and a few others on freewebspace.net supposedly talking about me and
posts I never wrote which I admit does indeed catch my curiosity.

However, I am a very busy person and I do not have time to waste posting
on places such as freewebspace.net but I feel I should check out this issue
and find out what everyone is talking about.

To kuipou and tumble, I thank you for trying to stick up for me and
cover things but this needs a more personal touch and is something
that needs to be nipped in the bud asap.

It is just plain amazing how people can blindly go on debating things
when I never said anything they talk about and go on quoting bogus posts
which I never wrote and all along the whole while going around like
it is all the gospel truth.

For the record ...


Just for the record, I have not been on FWS in a number of months
as my schedule very rarely permits visiting 3rd party forums like this and
I just simply don't have the time or interest to be posting on here.

At this point, I demand the operators of this forum community
email me the IP address logged for the person using my account
between November 2006 and the present and I want a complete
archive of all posts and private message (if applicable) sent to
me at <snipped>

To everyone else, the last time I was on freewebspace.net prior to
this message was at least 3 months ago and I have not been on
here under any name since last November at least. This entire topic
being debated here is entirely pointless because I did not write
anything that has been discussed here!

--The real AMZ

I'm going to quote Bruce on something:
He uses that annoying hard return in the middle of sentences like him too.
Bruce is absolutely right on this, if you compare posts by AMZ, Tetra and Tetrovan, all have this line skip before the sentence ends ;)
My forums are not nulled,

www.hostme3.com i am refering to here is a print screen to prove ive had a liscence for nearly a year now.


Thank you and have a nice day.
Hostme3 co.
See there the FWS guys go, parading all over someone for an assumption. I think you guys need to get your act in line and stop dictating people.
See there the FWS guys go, parading all over someone for an assumption. I think you guys need to get your act in line and stop dictating people.


That shows a nulled bored which they had. There is nothing else to conclude. But all we needed was some evidence like that.
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