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Hostrail Gone!

You have a cheap $200 server and load it up with >200 VPS accounts at $1.60 each, or whatever he was charging. I have no doubt he was making at least a couple hundred bucks per server. And then you don't pay your bills. That always helps with profit. ha!
At their pricing no wonder they went off the rails... Hopefully their clients learn from this and spend more on a more reliable host.
Well, that stinks.

I feel bad for there customers, not them.

But yet again, Thats what they get for choosing a person that didnt know how to manage there servers and a VPS for 1.00$
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Gotta do your research. Honestly, people looking for a VPS know what they are looking for. Some random guy off the street normally doesn't go specifically looking for a VPS server to host their first website. They know the prices, and they know how unrealistic a VPS for $1/mo. is. I don't feel sorry for any of them.

The people I feel sorry for are the ones with shared or reseller accounts on these servers, because their provider was using HostRail to run a hosting business.
One question to focus on is; what really happen?

Er read the above posts!

HostRail always provided a cheap service, a service that is not really sustainable in the long run.

At last one of them admits it!!!

At hostrail.com's website now.

Dear HostRail Customers,

I would like to apologize for the prolonged duration of the outage, we are in the final stages of resolving this.

We will try to keep you updated on our Facebook and Twitter Accounts:




Constantinos Coudounaris, CEO of HostRail.com

If they still have some sort of website running why not just update people there instead of having them run around on Farcebook and Twitpage? Even if it's a tiny free account there would be more than enough to have something to properly inform clients.

Domain seems to be hosted under volumedrive.com, look at their prices too!
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There's a reason for that- if everyone floods onto their website while they are still rebuilding things, it risks running it way over bandwidth cap and/or crashing it by overload.

Plus right now they have a lot of unhappy customers right now that would happily smear them.

Odds are what ultimately did them in was the stability problems towards the end - downtime means lost clients, coupled with bandwidth overages caused by the overselling especially as everyone started jumping ship from the stability issues and began unloading all their stuff.

I'll just about guarantee someone will pick up that market share by offering an impossibly cheap VPS only to have another encounter like this appear a few months later.
Have a look - it's a text only page, you really think a small forum with 1 subject is going to drive usage over.

They have more issues than a small amount of transfer, even a 'flood' would be pretty small.
As I realize, they have not suggested any compensation for those who were left at the 'dead' servers? Also may conclude the provider has led not very good business, in term of proper marketing... this may be an example of bad experience of being a reseller these days