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how do I use my computer to host my site?


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I have a cable modem and haven't found a provider that can offer the 500 meg of space and 100 gig amonth bandwidth I need to maintain my site. Is it possible to use my own computer as the host? How? I use Front Page so I have it's built in personal web server.
I don't think your cable will be handle close to 100 gigs (assuming you have a server that can take it at home). Probably against your cable provider's TOS as well.
Try the service provided by Deerfield.com called DNS2GO...

Its free -- you can have your own Domain name... you can offer email though MDaeom and FTP as well....

I'd check with your Cable company before you do it. Most of mind as long as its not a warez site and not going to produce a huge about of traffic.
I've looked around and most providers have a 6gb downstream per month limit and a 2gb upstream per month limit.
not mine....al least when i had it....they said it was unlimited use...and when i get it again i'm gonna start hostin my own site off my comp
Most - if not all - cable providers have a limit and certainly a policy when it comes to running server software.

So you may want to check with your ISP before you start doing so, cos they are not going to like it when suddenly all of their customers start using 100gb per month as it would completely saturate their uplink.

Some will allow you to do so if you take their account for businesses, but at that point you'll be beter of with a payhost or a dedicated server.
It won't be the first time that I've read that someone was contacted by their cable provider to stop hosting sites. Constant data traffic 24/7 will get their attention sooner or later.
my cable modem provider, AT&T @Home.. doesn't allow servers. However SNET DSL, which just arrived in my area, does allow you to run servers.
Really.. hmm... I have to check mine... I'm not even sure where it says it. PacHell used to provide a tech to install the inside line and the software on your computer at your house (they had to, it sucked - they don't anymore), and the tech who was here just passed by all of that stuff and I never really saw what I was agreeing to. Nice eh?

I could probably get them on that one if ever the service started to really be horrible (few complaints, but I wouldn't host a server with it).