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How long have you build a website?


New Member
I want to know how long have you build a website and how to do it?
Recently, i ready to design a website, but i have no experience on it! Thanks for your any help!
It can take forever to be honest :) it's never quite right.

Depends what type you want, a simple one or a more complex one.

Let us know a bit more and if you have one up yet :)
I have designed a costum template for one of my websites and that took me around the 80 hours.
The website still doesn't have content, so I am not going to post it here (yet).
damn, 80 hours on the design alone? does the thing come out of the screen and give you a hand job? sh!t, thats a lot of time in a design. it takes me 8-16 hours on a design, but, that is cause i like to do a lot of searching around for sites that are in the similar area as your site may be, i get idea of things to do with your site, i like to storyboard out the pages and sketch up a general layout idea on paper before i start designing. once a design is approved and done, i will take 1-4 hours to slice and write valid css3/html. if i need to write all the functionality of the site too, then it will totally depending on the complexity of the site for how long it will take to get it up. i can do a full fledged CMS in about 2-4 weeks though.
I only want to learn about web design, because my work is related with it, i only want to know how to design a simple wensite, not need so beautiful style and wonderful content, can you help me?
I would strongly recommend learning HTML and CSS code yourself - it shouldn't take too long and is really useful. A great tutorial site is W3Schools.

As to actually designing good websites, that's something you learn through experience over time :).

Other than that, most web hosts should offer you some kind of template-based site builder tool which you can use.
I created my website from scratch with HTML/CSS and I've spent more time on it than I'd like to admit :) I've probably taken some steps too far such as using CSS sprites when really it wasn't worse the extra time involved.

As to actually designing good websites, that's something you learn through experience over time .

I couldn't agree more :D If you were to design the same website twice the second time would probably be twice quicker and may be nicer design wise.
Thank you for everyone post here, i know it is diffichlt to build a website, but i will not
give it up, so please tell me which site is good for me to learn it?
Tnanks again!
i have 3 website, while one is the main one which i done my dreamweaver for the last 4 years.
But i move it to wordpress right now so that it easy for me to update it and allow me to change template all the time.
Beside that i using easy.my to to create a e commerce store to sell the my product.

It quite easy while easy to use for newbie with no softcode knowledge. If you would like to make the website like professional and expert then no doubt that you need focus back on HTML 5, dreamweaver,microsoft front page and so on.
I believe for a beginner the best way to start is a (free) blog like wordpress or blogger ...
-it's free
-you have a lot of templates
-you'll find a lot of help on the internet
-it's the best way to make mistakes and to learn from it
-you may play with HTML
I wanted to start my mini website few years back and I did it. But, I do not have time to take care of it. The domain ended up bought by other people already. Till today, I have yet completed my website. In conclusion, building a website may take days to years. It depends your determination and aggresiveness to complete it.
At the beginning as you create the website your imagination goes wild. You see yourself as a successful webmaster with a popular website; at home in your pajamas and the dog at your feet. Emails of praise fill your inbox. Everyday your bank account fills with more and more money. Your dreams of self employment and doing something you love have come true. You are the envy of all your friends.

It is very important to know how to build a website but making the most beautiful website on the web with all the best graphics will not get you anywhere.
You need to make sure that you consistently and daily bring in new and fresh traffic to your site. This has to be a daily thing.
if u want to be a webdesigner u dont have to think about time only quality . i have been designing websites 9 years now i started with a program called netobject and now i use only a note pad to code my website .

a website can take from 1 day to a week or more . .