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How to create natural backlinks! (in the eyes of Google!)


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As i'm sure you all know, building backlinks to your website is one of the most important factors of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For those of you who don't know what a backlink is, it's simply a link to your site from someone else's site. Typically, you would make the 'Anchor Text' of the link (the clickable text) the keyword that you want to rank well for in google search results. Sounds easy right? Just post hundreds of links to your website all over the internet everyday....simple!

But here's the hard bit.....During recent Google updates, they have changed the way they rank site's according to backlinks. Now, they work out how many backlinks your site is creating everyday and if this is too many, or it looks unnatural, you will end up damaging the links and they will be "Discounted" by Google - meaning that link won't count towards your google ranking.

The reason Google have done this is because they want the most appealing and most relevant site's to appear first for a users query. These 'Appealing and Relevant' site's will be discussed all over the internet on Social networking sites, forums, blogs and many other places that people talk about things that interest them. Usually a site of interest will receive a few 'natural' links a day, just by people posting links to it as they discuss the site online.

When you build links to your site, you need to make this as natural looking as possible, giving Google the impression that lots of people are talking about your site all over the internet.

There's an old saying "Slow and steady wins the race" and when it comes to link building....that couldn't be more true. So making your website 1000 backlinks in one day might seem like a good idea at the time, but the reality is, google will just see it as 'spamming' rather than something internet users are discussing and creating a hype about.

I really hope this helps some of you in your link building strategies, and if any of you have any questions about this thread, or SEO in general, then post them below and i will try and help as best as i can.

All the best
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Thanks for posting this, @Bossbuild. There is no way to create 1000 backlinks in a day without some software/auto tools. That technique is called Blackhat SEO. Natural way backlinks are in Whitehat SEO. There is also Greyhat SEO and Bluehat SEO, a combination between white and black.
when building links, use the following tips outlined below to help keep your link profile as natural looking as possible and your rankings increasing!

1. Vary Your Anchor Text
2. Don’t Focus Only on Pages with High PageRank
3. Don’t Concentrate Only on Your Homepage
4. Get Variations and Types of Links
5. Stay Away From Link Schemes
6. Keep the Link Building Slow and Steady
Plus, pure link exchanges aren't a good idea anymore anyway. Linking to a site that links right back to your's just cancels the "link juice" anyway.
On another forum I saw someone wanting to buy signatures with more that 5000 posts! I posted that I thought this would do more harm than good. Isn't that true?
On another forum I saw someone wanting to buy signatures with more that 5000 posts! I posted that I thought this would do more harm than good. Isn't that true?

It is my understanding that signature links are not penalized in the same manner, because of their nature. But honestly, I'm not sure.
I don't know. I was always told links are links. Do you have any info on that? Thanks

It's been discussed quite extensively on forums like DP. A link is a link, sure, but consider that 5000 posts on one forum still all come from the same domain. ;) That's still technically one "vote" of "link juice."
On another forum I saw someone wanting to buy signatures with more that 5000 posts! I posted that I thought this would do more harm than good. Isn't that true?
In forum signatures is a one way link. I think it's good, but it doesn't really matter if you have 100 posts or 5000. Because all links are coming from the same Domain, same IP.
I disagree because I have seen the effects of adding sig links over time from the same place having an affect.

Are you sure that was the only factor at play? One would see it as hard to identify a single site as an issue if you've got links in from many different sources. Forums have never posed a problem in terms of links before.
Ok, my point of view: If you have more posts with your link in signature, this means that your link is mentioned more often in Google. But, this does not mean that your site will grow in the eyes of Google to grow in search positions.
Example: search for your link as "www.mylink.com" will have more results. People don't search your site by typing your link address in the search box.
To increase your site visibility for your keywords you must have links from different domains, different IP's, with different anchors.
For example your signature in this forum is "My Site" as anchor with your link. Ok, having 1000 posts with your signature on a forum, how will this help your site ?
People will search "your site" and will get the same freaking forum in results. Do you think they are gonna click to the forum and read the post and after that click on your signature to get on your site ? Don't think so.
Although it is impossible to be 100% scientific about it because there are too many factors, I have found it to be true over several years.
What do you think about commenting on High Ranked Blogs ? will your link there do your site any good ? or things changed ?
Nice post. One of the most important things when building links is gaining them ‘naturally’. If you’re an SEO or site owner buying links or building them manually through directories, blog posting, etc. it is becoming more and more important to make it look like you’re gaining them naturally.