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everyone has one. it's simply an ip address in hex or something. anyone else know what i'm talking about?
No, it's not a dotless IP, as IP's can only go as high as 255 on each octet. I believe it's an IP in hex, like keith already said. I'm not 100% sure though. Hex to decimal conversions are a bit more complicated then binary to decimal conversions though
canonical name is bigip.angelfire.com

real (short) aka dotless ip is

it is a dotless aka dword ip. (take my word for it) there are also base 8 (octal) ://0324.0273.0167.0253
or a combo of octal hex and normal 0324.0xbb.119.0253

the all work in IE im not sure about netscape

hex would look like this ht¤p//0xD4.0xBB.0x77.0xAB Internet

heres a little formuala if you dont believe me


decimal=aaa x 16777216 + bbb x 65536 + ccc x 256 + ddd

there is a security problem with dotless ip#s and IE4 and i think netscape too. it treats them as a local adress and because of this the browser doesnt employ any security functions. so think what a hacker could do with that and maybe download the fix for it http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Ie/security/dotless.asp

You can get a dotless ip by running your current website adress through a converter and telling everyone thats your adress. (personally i think a hex adress is cooler.

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