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HUNDFREDS of hosting requests?

Holy cow, there is another name I haven't seen for a while.

Ya, I remember those days. Lack of decent webhosts, specially when 9cy went :(
I've gotten a lot of those emails to my personal email address for some reason :) They have tracked me down XD.
conkermaniac said:
It's not so much an attack as a concerted effort to find a spot on the web where these losers can host their warez. There are many large warez forums in Asia, and yes, members on those forums scout FWS for new hosts that they can abuse. When someone finds it, they post it for all to see. Very likely, all the requests you have been getting, dsfreak, have been coming from the same forum.

Since their English is not good, they have one person (usually with slightly better English ability) create a template, so that the users only have to change a few words to signup. I recommend that you filter all e-mails with that template, and if the body of the message is incoherent, don't grant them the request. FWS must take an active stand against warez.

yeah, i would have to agree. but is there anyway to track down the forum there getting it at?
I had a china man emailing me saying i was so called 'racist' because i would not offer him hosting, for the one reason i dont host that language it has to be english and also i told him it uses a lot of server upload! He emailed me saying us english always put back the chinese? Even though i had given an explenation to why i could not offer him hosting, exleast i took the time to reply a lot of companies would not
I wouldn't give some chinese spamers/warz hosts/frauds the time of day. There ARE legitament people who need free hosting, but dont spam my inbox every day with 5 emails likely from the same person. </rant>
Simple...Just post on your websites that you only accept sites in English, then they will stop (if not, they obviously didnt read the site, and you can delete them). After all, if you cannot understand the content of the site, then don't host it (just my opinion).
- techtvfan

*edit* Those weird hotmail accounts could've been somehow spoofed (by telnet or such) *edit*
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