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I am a big fan of Google Chrome.

I'm a big fan of Google products but for a browser like chrome, I don't trust it enough, I've tried using it and not comfortable using it. I prefer Firefox or IE than Chrome ^_^
Indeed google chrome is less resource intensive as compare to mozilla firefox.

I Am Tottally Disagree With You!! I Am Big Fan Of Google Chrome, I Have Used Since 3 Years!! No One Is Comparable To Google Chrome.. It Is Best Web Browser In This World..!
I can't believe anyone still uses FireFox on Windows; it is by far the slowest Windows platform browser and it has little feature. Safari isn't a whole lot better. The most optimized web browser for windows is Maxthon 3 and Internet Explorer 9. Opera and Chrome are much better optimized for Windows than Safari (Apple) or FireFox (Linux).

HTML 5 support:

Maxthon 3 beats every other browser. In fact, it was the FIRST browser to pass the Acid3 test, before IE9 had even come out.

Speed... here's a test from 2010 and the winner was, of course, MX3:

IE9 has only made MX3 faster still than the competition.
I love Chrome. I remember when I had my new laptop and all I ever used was IE. I downloaded Chrome one day and the speed increase was amazing - I never went back.
I've been using Chrome for around a year now as my primary browser. I like the dev tools that come with it right out of the box, and it's fast enough for my needs. I end up doing web development in some form at home, school, and work, so having the same familiar environment in all of those places is useful.

Since I do web development, I can't just abandon all other browsers unfortunately. I've got IE7/8/9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, too. None of them are really that bad, except IE7/8. Those two have been the bane of my existence for a while now. It would be nice if I could just pick my favorite browser and develop using all the newest HTML5 features and all that fun stuff, but typically it goes the other way around: finding the ----tiest browser with significant market share and making something that works on it (which is usually IE7).
Chrome is great I wish they would make their bookmarking a little nicer though. For that reason i stay with FF for now.
I also prefer Google Chrome.

It just feels a lot more "cleaner" compared to FireFox.

My route:
IE > FireFox > Chrome :).
Honestly speaking that i mostly use Firefox and Chrome is my second option. The latest version of Firefox was much faster than all.
Hi Friends,

From many years we were using Mozilla but his speed is very slow and I chose Google Chrome which going on best speed more I expected. Chrome has more ad ons also for SEO purpose. I'm felling more relax by using Google Chrome.


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Ya mee to the great fan of google chrome not only me and u who are all working in chrome they all likes the chrome:rolleyes2