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I would like to welcome Jerry as a new moderator


Staff member
As some of you have noticed we have just added a new moderator here at FreeWebspace.net forums and it's jerry4dos.

Welcome as a moderator, Jerry!

If you wish to introduce yourself a little, you may do so here. :classic2:

The reason why we have decided to add a new moderator is that from time to time lately we have not been able to take care of reported posts and abuse in the free web hosting related parts of the forum as fast as we would like to.

So, why did we choose Jerry?

Jerry has been a member for a long time, helped us by reporting abuse and update the info of the main FreeWebspace.net site. He has been mainly active in the forums where current mods have not been so active (for instance Free Webspace and Free Hosting Offers). Jerry has been recommended by Jan and also by me for his contribution to this community. Even though he might not be famous to other regulars of this forum yet and have few posts, I'm convinced that Jerry will be a good addition to the moderating team.
Congrats Jerry! Hope you enjoy yourself :)
Good stuff...I did think we needed a new one. While I'm not too familiar with you, Jerry, I'm sure you'll do a good job. Just remember, I'm the victim if anything happens involving me :p
I noticed, and I was like.... who is this guy? No impression at all.

But, nonetheless, congratulations, and I sincerely hope you can shape up the frees a bit. I rarely go there anymore because of what it has evolved into and the ridiculous threads you can often find there.
Jerry is a dark horse, but was always spamming our inbox with reports :devious2: So what better way to stop the spam :p

Welcome aboard Jerry, now I can spend more time beach walking :banana:
Isn't Jerry the only active moderator? Weren't all the other active moderators promoted to admins?
That's irrelevant however. Welcome Jerry, don't be scared off... too early.
Blank Verse said:
that should be a requirement in attaining modship, I've always felt, seeing as my opinion is of high, high value.


Yes, I completely agree, that should definately be a standard.