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Internal Network advice


Kicking your a$$
The area I live in is relativly poor. Alot of people cant afford Internet, and those who have PCs usually have ones brought from the local pub or have very old ones and dont use internet.

Im lucky enough to have a good paying job, a nice internet connection for here and several spare PCs (and other hardware). My Plan is to basically setup a small wireless network and allow people to leach (at a slow speed) my bandwidth for free.

ATM i have a Windows2000 PC set up here and one about 400M away at the local shop. They are networked and I can use my home internet from the shop.

With the current default settings, ANYONE can join the network, i have no way to ban people or decide if they can use just intranet or internet and i cant restrict individual peoples bandwidth.

So, i have some questions for the networking gurus of this forum :D

1. How do i controll network access?
*I want people to keep their IPs for a while.
*I want the ability to ban people from the network.
*I want to set who can use what.
*I want set limits on certian people speeds and "downloads" (ie Each person gets 100meg a day)

2. Currently all PCs who join the network have the same IP on the internet, can i reserve a block of IPs and allocate them to people on the LAN same as an ISP does?

3. part of the deal i made with the local shop to use them as a "node" was 1 give them a cheepass PC, and 2, advertise online for them. Not the internet, but out LAN / intranet. So ive made a ----ty site for now and its running on their PC.

However, in order to access it, people have to goto or http://shopserver/. On the internet, it would be

How can i make this universal?
Part of this plan is to make the network still useful locally when we have no internet access. People can still IRC chat via the main server and check the intranet sites, play LAN games ect.
But if the internet is offline and i have a domain for that site, then attempting to browse it will be impossible.
On the other hand, if we use the computer names as our intranet site names, they arent accessable from the Internet when people are connectiong from the outside, any way around this?

4. At places that have wireless hotspots, i notice when you connect to the network, a browser opens up and it has details of the system, prices, contacts ect of the hotspot.

How do i make a similar thing that would open our homepage with information about the project and who to contact for information and to help. Also i guess a list of the intranet links. Otherwise we will just have people accessing with no idea if its allowed or exactly what they are accessing.

geez, i have so many questions, but these will do for now.

Hope some of you skilled individuals can help us out :p
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2. Currently all PCs who join the network have the same IP on the internet, can i reserve a block of IPs and allocate them to people on the LAN same as an ISP does?
Nope you would need to talk to your ISP about buying a IP block and in australia that would cost a arm and a leg
Cant help with the rest sorry but could answer that question for you
You are talking about giving everyone there own internet ip arnt you?
Thats what I got from it and my comments are based on that thought.
If your talking about LAN ips its very possible to give everyone there own lan ip and to use your internet they would allready have one by connecting,.
Hopfully somoene else can help with the other questions.
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It's a lot of information and I dont have a lot of time ... however something jumped out at me, you said you wanted a universal address for the shop, one that worked when the internet was offline ... that should actually be possible, most routing equipment have dns servers built in, so you can use the internet dns for a real domain name when it's online and your local routing dns when it's offline ... to intranet and internet connection same address ...
hmmm.... Well one thing you could do is add a WEP/WPA key and give it to people who you allow access to it and then if you want to ban people some routers have the ability to ban MAC address'. I hope this helped you.

Also you should change the WEP/WPA key every month.
I don't have a ton of time but I can tell you what I would do...

Change the Server to FreeBSD first off :) -- just kidding..

Put an additional ethernet card in the server -- so now you have 2 ethernet cards. Plug one connection into the modem and the other card into the uplink on your wireless router. Now configure DNS on the server and setup A lines to the local static addresses.

At that point, configure the Windows server as your DHCP server and turn DHCP off on the wireless, allow the server to assign addresses and install WINS. When you setup DHCP - configure the primary and only DNS server as that box so that it will also look locally (Of course, when you configure DNS on the server tell it to look at itself primary and then secondary be an outside nameserver such as ns1.opendns.org). You could then --- technically even configure 'google.com' to point to if you wanted to... Be creative :) Anything that you don't configure, it would look at itself, realize it is not there and then look at the 'servers' configured outside nameservers. You may see a little delay connecting outside the network but it would allow everything to be usable locally when it is down.

Then you could configure irc.mybox.com are that box for IRC or whatever you want to call it. Hell you don't even have to register the domain.

TAKE IN MIND :) This is more or less DNS poisoning and the reason you don't allow malicious people access to your DNS servers because people could configure as paypal - make a clone site and steal money.....*sigh* Although, it is a fairly ghetto way of being able to block sites without anything custom. If you want to keep people from visiting myspace.com redirect that DNS to a virtual host on your box with DNS that says "Page is Blocked"....anyway I am rambling but that would be my setup. Use the main server as the DHCP/DNS/Webserver and then you can provide access locally and could even setup proxy services or static IP's based on MAC Addresses for the actual 'banning/user restriction' side of things.

With your above questions -- outside of your network, all users will have the same shared public IP. Internally, you would be handing out private addresses.

Good luck
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Thanks for that info.

I have 2 network cards installed already, unfortunatly only other PCs can connect, other devices like mobile phones cant, i dont know whats the problem there :/

Setup is:

(wireless)---(server2k)---(ADSL2 modem)---(Private LAN)

IPs: Is it possible to purchase say 100 IPs and lease them out to the network?