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Is it possible?


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I wonder... Is it POSSIBLE to have a 25 FOOT TV. No, not a projector + screen, but literally, a 25 foot tv, like the ones at basball parks, etc. If it is, where could I buy such a TV?
Well, yes, I figured that. What I am looking for is proof of the actual price. Don't ask why, its secret. But I need proof of the actual price.
Well, thats just crazy. Basically, I want to know so I can prove to a friend that they do exist, and get my money. We have a little bet going. No need though, unless you can find a better site than I did with 20 minutes of Google at my side, then I no longer need help. However, if you know of a site in the US with reatil prices on it, that would still help greatly.
JumboTrons you see at baseball parks are usually custom made by companies exclusively for the ballpark. Unfortunately, you can't just buy them online. Check this out for more details. ;)

LED screens are made up of panels aprox 30x30cm, worth around $AUD32,000 ($USD24,100). Don't wanna drop the fkers (weigh about 5-10kgs)

Anyway you can make them in any shape you want to.. for example you could make one 1 mile long, and 30 cm's tall. (however expensive it would be)

Anyway the largest screen constructed in the southern hemisphere is pictured below. 220 square meters! (i saw it! w00t)

Anyway - Your screen in 16:9 would be 14ft*25ft would equate to 10698 square cm's which is aproxmently 356 panels which would put your price at $AUD11,392,000 which is $USD8,562,192.69.

Start saving.
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Newer ones are multiple plasma screens and the video suite is very complex to split the video signal into small pieces essentially. Then send individual signals to each screen.
No, they are barco led walls ;) Plasmas are not nearly bright enough for a stadium situation.
Sorry Dean, they are backlighted versions or LED's (still super bright ones) - your right - you couldn't see them from 5 feet away LOL.

Still have you seen the video suites for these - very impressive.
Throw's TV out the window - makes you sick don't it.

Couple of beers and that and your set :D
I know the skydome had a father's day thing where you could watch a movie on the big screen and sleep on the field overnight. :p (Skydome A.K.A. Rogers Centre)