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Jewlzk.com Gone?

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Hey All,

Now i hate to be a ---- disturber - i left jewlzk a few months back and have never looked back. However i kept one of my close friends on his network. She came online today to find her server not working. When trying to contact Jewlzk his site aswell is down.

I told her to contact Zogmo directly - and sure enough, Roland walked out of Zogmo with the servers today oweing roughly 50,000 to Zogmo. Rather then paying this bill he has sold his servers to someone else. Apparently there is a pursuit going on by the cops.

Lucky enough I have a few machines left and I am working overnight to get her on a new box, but i find this quite rediculous. With absolutely no notification to clients.

Best of luck to all customers, If you need any help - let me know. I am working with the company which the servers were sold to. Hopefully we can get your data back.

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Is joe from vetrox still with them? He brings epic fail to every company he lays his fingers on.

Sad to hear that about Jewlzk, the owner seemed real nice.
Agreed. Nice would not be the real word though. Copying someone else's domain name to make profit is not "nice" (An old domain name of mine). The wheel turned :)
Yeah - Joe is probably what did it. We will see much more of him - i can feel it.

Roland was a nice guy - really nice - but being nice doesn't always get your business the solutions and stability it needs.
Roland from Jewlzk is a really nice guy and has helped me out a lot in the past. That will not go unnoticed.
However, I also left Jewlzk about 2 or so months ago for a number of reasons:

1. Stability - Poor
2. Support (started fantastic bu gradually disintegrated)
3. Uptime - Almost impossible to give it a figure.

No offense here intended on Roland, he's a top guy, but this is what happens when you buy cheap bandwidth.
I had two servers with them for over 6 months! :cry2: I even talked to Roland on the 2/11/2007, it seems this has happened all on the 3rd in on.

I emailed Zogmo LLC, who are the datacentre providers:

"Zogmo just wanted to let you know that your servers are down to no part of Zogmo. The servers were removed from Zogmo after the owner of JewlzK sold to a “discount” facility, with no notification, or warning to their customers or Zogmo that they were being sold for a profit, reliability or continuous uptime of JewlzK customers was of no consideration in the sale. The only concern of either the previous owner or the new owner of JewlzK was that of profits from the customers. We are sorry for any problems this move has caused; please contact the new owners for problems on Monday morning as they do not have a 24x7 support center. Jewlzk move from Zogmo was not due to action taken by Zogmo. Zogmo continues to offer the same outstanding services that they have offered to JewlzK and its customers in the past."

Fabulous. I also had a backup storage server with them, I guess that isn't any good either. To be honest, I think Jewlzk, was losing money, seeing as they had lost their main server client, who spent near to $700/ month on 2 servers. (Which is what I heard from one of my sales staff) Luckily I have my own backups, however my clients/customers mostly do not.


I can't even phone Roland, says his office is closed. - Though Zogmo said I will have to contact 'x' on Monday.

The sad thing is that I was also asking him about purchasing a Dual Opteron and a Dual Xeon, and he was urging me to purchase as soon as possible. - Btw, who are the new owners? I would like to contact them.

.... Now to phone up the bank as Paypal won't do anything... "Welcome to the worst day of your life"!
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The domain "jewlzk.com" is still registered to Roland.

I'm talking about the server(s), apparently he sold them off to someone. I could not care less about his website - I had quite an apparent friendship with Roland, I can't believe he would do this to me.
I'm talking about the server(s), apparently he sold them off to someone. I could not care less about his website - I had quite an apparent friendship with Roland, I can't believe he would do this to me.

Oh ok. Sorry.
Yeah I agree with you. But, let's give the guy a chance to come here and post about what's going on. :)
He's not going to come here and explain anything. For instance:
  • I have phoned him. His office is apparently closed.
  • I've been told by Zogmo, LLC that he has sold all his gear. (Zogmo is the datacentre that used to provide Jewlzk -- they are essentially the upstream provider; so they know what they are talking about)
  • Rolands 'IM' is up and running, yet I cannot get through to him, his status is set to 'away'.
  • There is no other way to get in contact with him, unless he comes to us.
Zogmo LLC have been kind enough and are finding out the details of the new owners of the equipment (servers etc) I will give this information to Jewlzk clients, once I obtain it.

--- Side note:
If you are a customer of Vlexo.com, you will receive a refund upon request. Please send an email to: request@vlexo.org with your last paypal transaction ID. (Currently I am not able to give you your data back, however I'm trying my best) --- Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to have a backup server with Jewlzk huh. I would have never known, I mean Jewlzk have been running for over 4 years, I thought it was a legit business.

I would like to apologize for this. However I cannot solve the situation and most likely it will take time!


I've contacted Zogmo regarding this. They said they will get information on the new owner of the equipment ASAP. I will try and get back to everyone who was a customer at Jewlzk.com.
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Awesome, me and jonny havent even had the VPS for 24 hours and its disappeared.
thanks jewlzk :beer:
Just got an email from Roland


My apologies for the unexpected downtime, we planned to get this upgrade done next Friday and give all clients one weeks notice, however that did not pan out as we had liked it.

We had to upgrade our IP's in order to have a BGP network setup now. BGP = redundancy if one provider goes out the other kicks in and no downtime at all anymore. Due to this addition of 4 more providers we were forced to change IP's as well.

Your servers are already online with the new ip's and ready for use, we simply need you to update your nameserver IP's

The last octets of the IP's will remain the same meaning the last .XX i.g. =

Please update your nameservers by simply changing the first 3 octets from 38.114.204 to 216.139.83

If you have any questions please let me know. Again I do apologize for this, however you will love the new bandwidth speeds which will be great for all of your clients.

If you speak to shikhir please advise him to do the same for his VPS. I am trying to get a hold of as many clients as possible.

Please email me directly to my personal email address should you have any more problems/questions as my company box is not online due to all of this network upgrades.

Kind Regards,
Roland DLC

I'm confused. oldman2
If you have boxes that were in Zogmo try modifying your access IP's to 216.139.83.last octet to whatever it was previously.

Not saying any more at the moment and this may not work for you.

Just say I'm working on finding out more from our side of things not Jewlzk's side.

Pipped me to it JJ - can you log in as root?

If you can't find yours let me know the main domain name and I'll see if I can find it for you.
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KwiX-Host.com it was, but I've swapped the NS back to our old host who always sit by us. Thanks for the offer tyvo, I'll see how it turns out. I've got all the data secured, it's all fine.
This was our VPS ip:
Oh ok. Sorry.
Yeah I agree with you. But, let's give the guy a chance to come here and post about what's going on.
I've alwyas held high respects for Jewlzk, and have to agree with Dan. Lets let the man come on here and speak his side.

It seems very unprofessional and very rare that a datacenter would not only communicate with customers about jewlzk, but also give out inside information like that about one of there customers, regardless of the situation or problems jewlzk may have caused. That just doesnt seem rigt

There are always two sides of a story. I'm curious as to see what unfolds from this as well
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