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Jewlzk.com Gone?

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I do think you are a bit overreacting if you have read the rest of the thread... Roland will be back in a few hours to discuss such monetary compensation, which is the only thing I honestly don't have the authorization to do without him here, or else you guys would be taken care of. Just sit tight while we get your VPS back up, Shikhir, and Roland will discuss refunds upon his return.

He's not overreacting at all. He had 15 days of downtime when there was a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And the latest event left him with downtime without any prior notice. I do think Roland's response will set everything straight and I hope everyone is going to get back on their feet promptly. It is unfortunate but there must be a good reason.
Oh, okay. Thank you. Your VPS should be up now, Shikhir.


In order to preserve the stream of your valuable data, and in effort to continue the ability to access your VPS' - JewlzK is using a workaround HyperVM to start all of your VM's quickly and efficiently. We understand that having your data online is much more important than waiting for a HyperVM fix. Therefore, HyperVM will be unavailable for a few hours while we troubleshoot the issue. Please note, all IP's are now 216.139.83.XXX

Thank you for choosing JewlzK.
Well i've switched back to Jewlzk.com, Joe kindly put my VPS back up and i'm sure this won't happen again.

Your VPS is indeed up!
Your IP is no longer* its now*
I hid the last digit for privacy. Change the first three octets, it's the same for your second IP as well.

Your VPS is indeed up!
Your IP is no longer* its now*
I hid the last digit for privacy. Change the first three octets, it's the same for your second IP as well.

so i need to change name servers too?
Please help me so i can have all up fast

i get machine_doesnt_exist_in_db () in hypervm
24 hours downtime without notice....

You have to read the thread, please. I told you guys HyperVM will be down for a little while, but your VPS' are ONLINE. just set your nameservers to* and* - you know the * numbers.
yes, i have changed :)

but like you know you getting to change the cpanel license
Unactivated License File
and i like to know if then i dont need to change the fnd info at whm
because news ips

have been able to access one of my clients servers their, and I can tell you already the new network, even with this so called redundancy, is absolute crap. As more and more servers are getting put online, the network is bugging down and getting slower and slower. This is definably not an upgrade.
Before bashing the company, try to put two and two together. If a company is doing a big transfer of multiple accounts to a new datacenter, this would naturally mean the first days while the transfers and mess are going on, performance will not be as 'grand' as they claim.

For those of you who know where I stand, and what I am doing, please post in support of me. If you think for some reason I did ruin jewlzk, please let me know your thoughts, so that I can rectify them....I am being nice. I am sorry for this, and I know there is a huge lacking of it in the industry.
(Quoted by Tyler)
I am completely against you. The Odasity you have to come in here acting as if you are here to be "nice". Your here to fish out as many customers you can, and take advantage of a situation. Every web host company has its troubles, but whats worst then a troubled web host company is one that comes, with a website thats not even near completion, and play the role of the nice guy. You then turn around and bash JewlzK in the same thread, and begin to run around conspiracy theories. In my opinion, your a shame.

Seems my data is still intact, I thought it had gone, however I now have root access now and it seems things are going ok now. But I still want an explanation to why Roland has done this.
The reason why people need to wait before using there imagination and making false accusations. I agree Roland needs to own up to this, however, 6 out of the 9 pages of this thread are bologna.

But when will you guys ever stop making excuses and come clean about the issues with Jewlzk?
Like, from the 6+months I was with jewlzk my server had been down a total of 3 months (not all at once).

I agree as well. However, the problem seems to be with Joe. Joe, you need to be a leader. If you want to wear that "Vice president" signature, you need to act like one. If you were on any other staff, you would have been burned by now and given a severence package. Stop beating around the bush and playing the nice guy. Stand behind your company, stop making up stories that were "passed"" on to you from Roland, then apologizing for the incorrect rephrasing.

Threads like this, If everyone would go back and read all 9 pages again, you would see how rediculous this has turned out to be. Rolands running from cops, servers being stollen, a datacenter that they own so much to, a company being sold, WOW.

Tyler, and as for you. I would just stop posting, and delete my FWS account, then stick to playing dominoesor checkers at home. You have no business being here. Every company has its troubles as I mentioned, and to see you here phish out helpess 'fish' as you see it, is ludacris. I personally spoke with Jonny and told him to stay 500 feet away from you and your treacherous acts. I will be dammed if I see Kwix-Host finally move up from reseller hosting, with some dedicated servers, a well organized company, from our service, to yours on there expansion route. They are back with JewlzK. And let me tell yo uabout being nice

For anyone here having issues with there new servers, previous servers, etc, on the Jewlzk network, contact us, we WILL help you. And we do NOT sell VPS servers, so there are no strings attached. You all have a great day. I will step away now, as this Tyler has made me very upset. I have no affiliation with this organization, it is a simple stand point from an individual who has morals and values, speaking about one who seems to claim them.
Now for some erroneous reason my premium server is down - after it being up for 2 hours; it had MySQL problems when I received access details to it, and not even Joe could fix the problem.

All I can say is that I'm very disappointed and annoyed.

Trexhost@ When I said I had access to root and when I said that things were ok, that was just a quick answer, I was happy to see all the data intact and the server in my hands; then I looked further and problems were there. Over close overview things are terribly wrong. I also have customers who are looking to get answers and I simply can't give any with this kind of moral conception of the term 'support' - when there is none, to get information from. I hope you can understand how frustrating that is. There has been near 24 hours of downtime, do you expect me to be calm?

Also I have had no proper answer to the situation in question, I'm looking for answers, however I'm not finding them; as Jewlzk was 4 hours away from answering them and that is just to this thread. The network was down last night at 2AM, while I was sorting out a client, I stayed up till 4AM to see if I could get the problem resolved, however it wasn't that simple. So in short if you don't get answers from the proper channels, then you start to speculate? "What if?" Then we think to ourselves, what if we have lost our data, clients and everything business wise? However this has taught me a grave lesson - I've even skipped work to see this problem through; yet I'm still here waiting.

To end with: It raises more than an eyebrow.
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In my opinion, competing providers that have no servers hosted with JewlzK really do not need to be trolling the thread making negative comments.

With all due respect, any former clients of JewlZK, whether competitors or not, are also entitled to their opinions and to give feedback in relation to their experiences with jewlzk.
James, I first want to say amen to your post.. it's entirely true, and it voices a lot of what went on today. I agree 100% about Tylar. But James, understand - I'm not the Vice President, I'm just the only one that was working today! Roland was 5 hours away from the office trying to fix things up at the DC.. I did the best I could, and brought all VPS back online, helped dedi clients get back up, and although I was not able to fix Jonathan's problem, spent a good hour trying.
"Stand behind your company, stop making up stories that were "passed"" on to you from Roland, then apologizing for the incorrect rephrasing." - those "Stories" were true, roland will confirm. And indeed, they were passed onto me via telephone from roland...
I agree with you being frustraited too, I am not backing up rolands decision to keep you all un informed, although there may be 100 different legit reasons for it. My words are beyond that, and aimed at a different direction. Contact me on our live support line, I will see what I can do for you in rectifiyng your problems
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