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Kiddie Hosts, and their oversold resellers!

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I agree that everyone should start small, and most of them do, nothing wrong with that at all. I started with a reseller account a long time ago and ran the whole thing by myself (200 or so clients at that time), but working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week burnt me out quick!
So this time I started with a dedicated server, and hired a support staff. I lost a good bit of money at the start, but having a server that has very low load and memory usage, and a support staff available 24x7 has paid off. AND NO THIS IS NOT A PLUG FOR My-E-Space, just stateing what I did, and what worked for me.
As someone above mentioned, you have to spend money to make money! And the more you put into it, the more you get back.
Would be nice if all of us that have our own servers would not allow overselling. This would cut off the scam hosts from offering 1gb/100gb for $1! This isnt possible, but would be nice!
I know owning a data center and leasing a server is comparing apples to oranges, but I was making a point. The point I was making is that while we all have big dreams we start with what we can afford and build from there.
Regarding the prices that people are paying, some of you should seriously consider colocating instead of bragging about the quality of the datacenters you're renting from right now. You basically have no control over your network and hardware.

If you have the funds, buy quality servers from dell and colocate them. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money. And more importantly, Instead of having to rely on the datacenters techs to do things right, you are in full control of virtually every aspect of your business. You know the other people in your cabinet, in your cage, and even in your datacenter. And at the end of the day, as you grow, you can take full advantage of economies of scale.
Regardless if it's a server you lease from a datacenter, or a server that you colocated, you STILL have to rely on the techs at the datacenter to keep your server up and running. Unless of course, you live next to the datacenter that your server is colocated at, and you can run over and work on it yourself, or login via SSH and fix it. So whats the advantage?
I looked around about colocating, and I dont see that it would be any cheaper since you still have to pay an average of about $200 a month (atleast) for the connection and rack space.
Im 15 I own host and 3 other sucessful websites. I just paid $125 for support/billing system and am soon hoping to buy a forum licence. I have 15 clients and are very happy with my service. The difference that makes between a kiddy host "If I fall into that catagory" is that they do it on the cheap, skipping vital needs like a proper support/billing system. Then they start to get to the stage that they are deprate and start selling as cheap as chips. I know a few 'kiddie hosts' that I used in the upbringing of my websites and their is no way I can match it with mine. You need to look for a trusted host that if they have a forum it should have a few posts behind it. Also check to see if their paypal account is varified. Remeber that small hosts can provide better support services than the big hosts because they have less emails (maby not tickets) so dont always judge a host by its support.


to have a hosting feedback forum on FWS so people can read reviews about webhosts and post comments about it

Paul Buckley

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Good to hear that you are working as hard as you can to better your hosting service, and I wish you the best of luck. But, just purchasing a script for support tickets doesnt increase your support, it just makes it easier to track support tickets. One man obviously cant be available 24x7 to answer support tickets/emails/chats, and your support script won't answer them for you. Good support (in my opinion) is the ability to answer support requests fast, and accurately, not having a great support ticket system.
Again, I commend you in trying to offer your clients the best you can. It's rare to find a host that actually cares about their clients, and whether or not they are taken care of!
If you can't afford to hire a support staff, which most cant early in the game, maybe you should think about outsourcing the support just a few hours a day so you can sleep comfortably knowing your clients are taken care of. I suggest http://bobcares.com for that.

As for the feedback section, I think thats a good idea also, but I think they use the general seection for that, not sure though.

Best of luck to you in your hosting business. As I said, you are one of the few that care about the level of service their clients receive, and that will take you to the top in time!
Thanks for that it included the support/billing script into the equation. If I was looking for a webhost and I was paying money for it I would automaticly expect it to have a support system. Even though it does not make any difference to level of support, however It's good to know that its their. And with the billing I would like to see my invoices and a way to track them down to know what I have paid for. These are only things that I look for when buying webhosting space.

Also make sure that they have money back. Or ask for a 3 day trial. Do a few tests like uploading files and downloading. You have the right not to be happy with it
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Hrm.. My first hosting venture was with a 13yr old person.. (I was 16 at that time).. We managed to do well.. We didnt oversell or anything but we did make our time worthwhile.. So, its not all "Kiddie" hosts.. but I do admit there are ALOT of oversellers out there... Just look at their TOS and you'll find out how they protect theirselves from YOU, the buyer, from using all of what your buying...
Thanks my-e-space,

For this great topic, It has alot of meanings and contains great info.

Thanks again for the great post
Glad you found it usefull, some others just thought I was trying to be a jerk, or using it as a means for advertising, which was not my intention at all!
So you think only "kiddy-hosts" ""Oversell"??

5gbspace/250gb/mth transfer/free domain: 2.99/mth. In the business many more years than most of the "adult hosts" here. They also have several of their own datacenters as opposed to rented servers that the "adult hosts" here use.

6gb space/300gb/mth transfer: 4.99/mth. They've been a sponsor of this very site since I found it (2002) and still going strong.

5gb space/400gb/mth transfer/free domain for life: 6.95/mth. They've been at the top of most host ranking lists for many years.

5gb space/ 250gb/mth transfer: 3.95/mth. One of the biggest domain registrars on the internet with plenty of financial backbone.

The list goes on and on my friends, and these are all exactly the opposite of "kiddy hosts", they are in fact the big names in the hosting business, the first ones that pop up in google searches. They have their own datacenters and plenty of $$$ to backup their "overselling". So I'm sorry that you "adult hosts" don't like the fact that your having trouble, but that's business.
I never said only Kiddie Hosts Resell... I was making a generalization...

I mean take a look at www.DreamHost.com they sell 20GB Space and 1TB Bandwidth for $8.00 /month -- If that isnt OVERSELLING... I dont know what is...
This is life, people take things in different prospectives.

1) Kiddy Hosting's are all bad - Well it depends on the kid that is running it. everyone is different in their own ways and that is just human . I may be 15 however most people dont think that I am.
2) Kiddy Hosting's are the only people offering great offers/cheap prices - Well everyone has their own right to charge what they want. Also it depends on the kid.
3) Kiddy Hosting's are on bad servers - Generalization, You need to spend money to make money. Most kids might not understand this and do it on the cheap while other kids (like me) put their self in their clients shoes for once and spend money on a high quality server.
4) kiddy Hostings oversell - Well it always comes down to money and adults want money too.
5) Webhosting is about experence and time and effort put in to it. Kiddy Hosting around the 13 mark dont really understant about money and business structures. 15-18 will have a stronger education that might provide this. My understanding is that these kids should open up a host when they are ready and feel safe doing this. And need to remember that webhosting does not make money if you dont spend money. Have a business plan and controll your spending as it can get out of controll. Make a controll plan if your hosting does go successful will you beable to afford to upgrade?

This message was intended for a Kiddy Host's Guide and a understanding of facts and figures.

This ismy understanding and reflection and I may be wrong
If overselling is how the business works than so be it. The fact is you can't make it in this industry anymore w/out overselling. Why? Because huge companies who have been in the business many years are doing it.

So why on earth would a customer buy more expensive hosting and get less from joesnonamehost.com when they can get cheaper hosting with more features from a company who has been in the business for many years? It's lose/lose/lose vs. win/win/win as far as price/quantity/reliability (and by reliability I mean a company who has been in the hosting industry for years and has lots of financial vs. backup vs. Joe Shmuck running the host out of his wallet). At least with the kiddy resellers, you get the price/quantity. Think about it!
Ok DreamHost must be overselling. That space and bandwidth must be on a bad server/connection. And also they dont have cPanel.

Is this because it is too expensive?

Most people ask for cPanel with hosting.

And that cost $7.95 also includes a doman name so a server with 200gb of space can host 10 people and the bandwith 10TB of transfer = 20,000gb of transfer. How much would their internet be? Thats a total of $119 with a free domain yearly
Don't you just love it when a person reads the first 3 lines or so of a post and then chimes in with something that has aready been discuss over and over,,lol.

Yes, we know that 1and1, and Godaddy, and the other big guys oversell. That's because they can oversell a server by 1000%, and when they run out of space, they just buy another!

In the real world, where you and I live, that isn't possible. If any of us tried to do that we would be out of business in a matter of weeks.

As for DreamHost, if you read their TOS you will see that they limit you to a certain amount of CPU useage. The limit is so low that there is NO WAY you could use anywhere near 1TB of bandwidth. If you came even close to it, they would shut you down!
for your info I read the entire thread. I gotta ask you though, if you were a customer, who would YOU buy your hosting from? "My-E-Space.com" or 1and1 etc?? and why?
Well my-e-space is right to some extend.

I used hosting with so called "Hosting Kings" like 1and1 and Servage and they suck totally.

Well as for Kiddie Hosts there are lot of them who are scamers. But i too am lookin for Reseller Account but not to make money and ripoff people but just to learn.

There is time for everyone of us to start. I started with free Hosting two months back, then in ten days changed to Paid Hosting and now i am lookin for Reseller Hosting. I have money for VPS too but i am just waiting for the right time for that.

But i won't oversell bcoz i know how it feels. Ripped of 2 times by big time Scammers.
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