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LewiSoft - One of the best free hosting!

Hello everybody, let me tell you a story!...:wave:

I am an IT student and I need free hosting to study and practise what I have learnt at my schoololdman2. I have been looking for a good free hosting for more than 3 years and LewiSoft is one of the best free hosting I've ever seen!:eek2:

I met Chris, the owner of LewiSoft, in November 2004:beer:! At that time, I was looking for a free hosting madly because all my free hosting were not stable and reliable! All of them downed frequently then went away after some months (www.dk3.com, www.coolfreepages.com are examples)! Lucky me, while I was crazy, Chris came to offer me a free hosting. The first time i run my website on his host, I was surprised by the speed of the host! My website loaded faster than ever:eek2:!(*) I thought: "Huhmm, that's great! But how long will it last?":confused4.

Time has gone, I have been running my website since that time but I've forgotten that question until I saw his new offer in this forum some days ago! Wow, it is nearly 2 years and his host is still running so well! I have not got a downtime at all!:angel:

By this topic, I want to give Chris a thanks:p! And for everybody, who is looking for a really good free hosting, LewiSoft is your right choice:beer:! He is offering free hosting without ads/posting! Dont miss your this big opportunity! Come on while the offer is still open!

(*): I am Vietnamese and as you know, Vietnam is a very poor country so that it is hard to have a fast connection! At the time I met him, I was using a dial-up connection with 36.666kbps at speed! My website at other host took about 15s to be loaded but on his host, my website was loaded after just 5 or 7s! You can imaging how surprised I was ...
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actually i am very interested in this. cos my site , atomise.net seem to have suffered from a host-related issue.

but when i try to sign up, it put US and Cananda only, so it's really saddening for me.

in addition, it seem that people need to purchase domain in order to get the free hosting, what about those with domain already ?
Erm, Are you from the USA or Canada? If not (and your website is in english or spanish) then (if you still need to sign up for hosting somewhere) goto the support desk then submit a ticket.
No spaces or special characters and no www. . comnetorgbizinfoco.ukuscclewisoft.netuni.cc

Your preferred cPanel username

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This is the catch...
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People you arn't getting this clear...

If you live out side US or canada then send a support ticket to inform them.
And the signup key in TOS so you will read the tos and not just sign up..

but Www.TheFreeWebHost.Net is a good host.!
You want to host babies?
bcz the USA AND CANADA people is already hosted!

I disagree. And why the "jajaja" ? (laugh?)

I am hosted (or I was) with Chris, and it is (or was) a good and nice service. He is really a good person. And the host is VERY GOOD!