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Linking in frames...


New Member

I have a new webpage that I JUST made.... Go to my page: http://www.fantasy.sphosting.com/ And you'll see my little bunny on the left, as the first and only link (so far). Push it. The link loads in the left frame instead of the right!

Could someone please tell me how to make the page load in the right frame? :)


Use this for the window that you want the page opened in:
<frame src="main.html" name="main">

to link into that window do this
<a href="whatever.html" target="main">some link</a>
When using frames .....

ALWAYS target your links .... this way you can be sure that they come up the way you want them to.
Now it's loading in a new window...

Hi again...

I tried esxactly what you said... I know I'm doing something wrong, because my pages is now loading in a new page! >_<;;

To see, here's my site again: http://www.fantasy.sphosting.com/

Please help,
In the main page, where you have your frame lists, change this:

<frame name="Forrests Fantasy" src="main.html" NORESIZE>

to this:

<frame name="main" src="main.html" NORESIZE>

and it should work...

Hope it does :)
For future reference, if you specify a target that does not exist, it will open up the source in a new window. If you do not specify a target at all, then it will open the source in the same frame as it was called...
Thank you! :D

Thanks a lot!!! I went and did what you said, and it worked just right!!! ^-^ hehe