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Look for an accounting system


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Hey guys,

I have a shop running online with the oscommerce script, but the thing is that recently I had a client-boom, therefore I need some kind of a web-based accounting system where I can look, manage and edit my sales, customers, calculate my finances etc.

Does anyone know a script like this? I would prefer it to be written in php, so I could access it from my browser, but I would also appreciate if you could have gave me some windows applications, which can be ran on my pc.

Thanks in advance.
Yep, if your store is setup okay then you have pretty much all you need except the transfer to an 'accounts' package to do your returns as a business.

If you've had a sudden 'client-boom' then your being cheeky asking for it for free ;p
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I'm actually using oscommerce at the moment on my website as I wrote on my first post :)


The thing is that the accounting in oscommerce is not good enough. We also accept orders offline, so it would be great if there was a program which could allow to manage the online shop, but also let us to add info from offline orders.
And im not really looking for something free, for me at the moment there is no difference :p
Not clear on what you require as anything from a simple spreadsheet for double entry to a complex accounts package might be what's needed.

Go for the first one if you can :) mine is not so easy but well that's life.
We also accept orders offline, so it would be great if there was a program which could allow to manage the online shop, but also let us to add info from offline orders.

I would suggest you have me engineer the software you need, your budget needs rising considerably to have any real work done, with $100 you will be looking at modified opensource code, and not a very thorough job.

With a real budget its reasonable to have a new system designed and built, and that's what you need, even if there is something out there that is usable, theres no chance it'll be designed do to exactly what you want, in the exact way you want it.

If you feel the urge to go ahead and have something designed and built, please do get in touch, I'd be up for that ( not this week mind you )

Even if you don't hire me, my honest opinion is you should have something written that suits yours and your customers' needs.
Accounting is the act of recording, categorizing and analyzing economic data to create reports that summarize transaction details, and are used for different purposes.

The choice of accounting system depends on many parameters such as the size of business, type of business activities and more.

Possible accounting systems include: Quickbooks Online; Sage Intact; FreshBooks.
I think everyone will agree with me that QuickBooks Online has been one of the most common accounting software programs used by small businesses. But not everyone knows about credit scoring software based on AI and ML which is often called alternative credit scoring. It evaluates a customer’s financial status by analyzing factors like income, debt, assets, and spending patterns. In my opinion, this technology will become a key in the financial sector.