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Looking for a good reseller


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Looking for a good reseller *EDITED*

Here are my requirements

whm/cpanel (NO ENSIM**)-(PlesK* and H-Sphere should be alright)
unlim mysql/email/subs/ftp/etc. etc.
name servers, etc. etc.

Basically I want all the goodies everyone else gets, only I want it in the following way.
For space and bandwidth I want:
(USD) $1 Per Month Gives Me 1GB Bandwidth & 100MB Storage Space. Meaning if I paid $5 per month, I would get 5gb bandwidth and 500mb webspace.
Setup fees are not a problem, as I myself know cPanel is a lot more expensive than Ensim. (But not too steep setup-fees)
So if anyone knows a host that offers this (or a host offers this, can't remember the rules- been about 5/6 months since I've been here.)
Thanks for your help.

* I will only accept PlesK IF it is the latest version as I have checked that out and I like it a lot, it is a lot better from their previous versions and now I can use it perfectly. So if you have what I want in either cPanel (preferred), PlesK or Ensim please let me know by replying or sending me a pm. (NOTE: Plesk only if latest and Ensim only if module added for my clients to add their own databases, etc. etc.)
** Ensim WILL ONLY be alright IF you have edited it so MY clients are able to create their own database etc. etc.
I know of some hosts that are working on this but have not gotten it right yet, and nor do they offer the pricing scheme I want.
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That doesn't really leave all that much room for the host to make a profit, let along pay the bills. I really doubt you will find a dependable company willing to offer you such a deal.
Myeah. It's ok, this one place offered it to me as a custom plan having everything I wanted.
They can, depending on where you get your dedicated servers from, if you have a RS one then yeah you can easily with $300 profit per month, ES servers roughly the same and EH servers even more since there you get 600gb bandwidth and have a wider range of servers.
So really; if you look in the right places then you can but it just depends where the host has their servers.

I have researched some Dedicated server places as in the future I will move to a dedicated server and I have found I can easily make $500 per month pure profit from a dedicated servers at some place, but minimum is $300 per month. Note that is $300 per month profit from each server. Three servers and you have $900 pure profit as long as you do the units system, (1 unit = 1gb bandwidth and 100mb space for $1 per month), although if you have set plans it may not work as well- but the units plan gives your clients a lot more choice of what plan they choose, and if you also have a minimum amount of units, then you're getting to your paying bills goal easily.
So really- with the right research and right planning and enough money backed up in the bank, you are perfect and could be able to do that as your permanent living job since you could get up to $900 per month or even more with three servers (each server min. $300 per month profit) which is a lot more than a normal job 9am to 5pm, mon to fri at maccies, or BK.
While you have a very good valid point there, as on a lot of them you cannot put 400 paying customers on, although it mainly depends on how much bandwidth and space you make each client take as a minimum. If you made them each take five units, making you $5 per month giving them 5gb bandwidth and 500mb space, then you only need to fit an amount on until you are getting $400 - The point is to make $400 in total from each server, not 400 clients on each server. You can easily fit say 100 or even 200 clients on one RackShack server, depending what type it is.

200 Clients Per Server Each Taking Min. 2 Units - Total needed space is 40,000mb (40gb roughly and a lot come with 40gb to 80gb harddrives anyway) and total needed bandwidth is 400gb and 200 clients times $2 because of the two units makes $400 per month meaning you are getting $300 pure profit.

100 clients per server each taking min. 4 units - Total needed space is 40,000mb (same as above, a lot of hdds have 40gb to 80gb anyway) and total amount of bandwidth needed is 400gb so 100 clients times $4 because of the four units makes $400 per month and meaning you are getting $300 pure profit.

You can choose to have up to either 100 clients per server or even 200, or even less than 100! It all depends on how many units your clients MUST take with their first order. A lot of places force them to take anything from 5 units to 8 units meaning they are having less than 100 clients per server but still getting the same profit!
As I said, you do not need 400 clients per server - you need to be making minimum $400 per server which is ten times easier using the units system. Therefore saving you a lot of hassle, and also saving your clients hassle - plus getting you $300 per month; and I said if you have three servers then hey presto you get $900 per month and even better if your dedicated server gives you 80gb space and 600gb bandwidth per month - You may choose to still have at max. 100 clients per server, but now you can make the min units a bit more but also have say 10 or a few more clients per server!
No one offers $1 per month for only 1gb bandwidth and 100mb per months - you must always take a min. of 5 units otherwise they wont give you the option for the units system. BUT yes it is possible!
There are some new spec rackshack servers.

P4 2Ghz, 1.5GB SDRAM, 2x80GB HDD, 400GB Data-transfer per month, Ensim - $159/Mo + $1/Setup ($1/setup will be gone very soon).

Also its fee + tax.
Anjay, your also forgetting one thing. Staff.

If you do have 100, 200, etc. customers, it'll be hard for you to keep up with them all. Additional staff will be required when the company grows.
I think you should ...

up your budget....I signed up with httpme.com

You can't go wrong...take a trip there and read the forums. Everything is out in the open to educate yourself about the company BEFORE you sign up. I took my time...looked around and settled there. I have not been there long but it is easy to see the owners dedication to his customers.
Originally posted by Daniel
Anjay, your also forgetting one thing. Staff.

If you do have 100, 200, etc. customers, it'll be hard for you to keep up with them all. Additional staff will be required when the company grows.

Not really, it depends. I know of one person who owns a hosting company and has nine servers - which he does all the work himself as he does it as a proper job because if you look up to one of my previous posts in this thread you can see how I nice worked it out how one can earn quite a lot of money from having three or more servers. Of course he does it as a permanent job (who wouldn't when you're getting well over $1000 per month?).

I have been looking around, at the beginning I had set quite a high budget, of around $25 for 20gb bandwidth and 1gb space (with cPanel only though), But as time has gone on I have seen more and more places offering less and less (and these places have been in business a lot longer than a few months - the one place has been in business for 2 years so far), although they always offered bulk packages - the one place is even offering $40 for 50gb bandwidth and 5gb space, true that is less than $1 per 1gb bandwidth and 100mb space, but really honestly a) I couldn't use ensim (real bad plus my clients have to request me for mysql accounts which I gotta request from me reseller, plus you have to put "users" meaning no "unlimited" this and that (mysql, ftp, subs, etc. etc.)), and b) I prefer to order the space and bandwidth when I need it, although true I will be getting a LOT more profit when I get a bulk package, you can't really get a bulk package until you are getting a few clients in (really the reason why so many places go out of business).

I have seen a LOT of good posts about httpme, and they seem good I think, but they are charging quite a lot I personally think for the amount of transfer (when 1gb of transfer is only $1 - if he turned the $ signs in to UK Pound signs, then I'd say yeah that is a fair price since the UK has real high bandwidth charges).
But I'll see, if I cannot find a good place I'll go back to my original budget and maybe even a bit higher.
Anjay, your friend with the 9 servers and such does hosting for a permanant job. But how long did it take for him to get there? At the biginning, you'd need some sort of funding from somewhere to help pay for the bills early on, so another job is helpful, but you'd lose your time, thus the need for extra staff.
I currently have a reseller package with ehostpros.com.

Here is what I think of them:

Pros -

Good Prices. Good Packages.

Cons -

Takes forever for them respond to emails.

My overall opinion:

They aren't THAT bad. But I wouldn't have NEVEr let DIm8's tech support go as low as theirs. They need to fix that and they will be great!

How long is the reply? That's what we always worries about in technical support.

Our previous provider took even more than 48 hours to response on technical issues.

But for Sales, less than an hour.

For us, we aim to provide both sales and technical support within 6 hours. So far, both responded in less than 2 hours or even within minutes to our clients.

We provide at a real low cost or you could says very cheap hosting. But we do provide excellent support and service.

We do attribute it to our current provider as well. They did us a good job in support and guidance. Otherwise, we might face problem too.

In the nutshell, AFTER SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT, should be more critical than Good Sales Response with the former.
I was incharge of Dim8 for like 3 years so I know what's it like to be a hosting provider.

Ehostpros.com can take anywhere from 5 hours to never to reply to my email. I emailed them once and they replied within 5 minutes, I replied and they never replied. NEVER replied regarding the email I sent them.

They also have the Online SUpport that you can talk to someone, well everytime I do that, it just sends me to a "that person couldn't be contacted, please leave a message". What's the whole point of that?

I've been with them for 4 days and already have doubled or tripled my income. (Use what I learned from Dim8.net).

In the past 4 days, they've been down twice. They said it was a DoS Attack. oh well.

Their prices/features are good for a reseller. So I stick with them.
I don't need that much support.. so I really don't count on them for support. Just wish they've increase it or ADD a forum!
If that is the case, even if they have addon a forum, it doesn't really help much. Why? Since they already no time to work on your emails, how could they get someone to answer your questions post in their forum?

Well, I am getting around the price of what they offer but with some kind of add on services, such as customer management script and free script installation.

Anyway, our needs and requirement from Host might be different:D

But most important, whoever you sign up with, they have got to be a responsible and honest host.

Happy Selling!