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Looking for reseller


New Member

I know that you cannot get a "free" reseller, because it would be of no benefit to the host...but im not really looking for a free one per say....what I am looking for is this...

im looking for a reseller that will let me host my site and everything, and then I can resell space at a price, then when they are all set up and they have paid, I will send 65% of it to the host, and 35% for me. this way the host gets the majority of the revenue and I still get something for myself for managing the site, and providing help and support to customers.

I have a domain I can use, and any amount of space/bw will be sufficient, as long as it is enough to resell to enough customers. any reseller CP will be sufficient, although WHM would be preferred since I know how to use it quite well. Features like Mysql DB's, FTP accounts, etc should be unlimited or atleast a high enough number to give customers enough to work with.

if anyone can help me do this, I would be gratefull, and hopefully we can have a working partnership.

please PM me if you can offer this, then we can talk further on MSN or AIM.
Well, that doesnt sound like a bad idea..although not sure where I would get started...anyway...money isnt really a problem, its really the problem of getting the money to the host, I have a paypal account, but no way to get money into it besides doing jobs for people online, and I have no credit card, which is what almost every host ive looked at wants...

thats why im trying to do it this way, then the host doesnt have to put alot of effort into anything, I sell space, and we both get money, but I havent been able to find anyone that wants to do this...
Yeah, like needlehost said, your best bet is resellerspanel.com
They have a real nice system over there, and if you can bring them customers, they will pay you and you don't have to take any money out of your own pocket.

You are gonna' keep running in to problems without a credit card out here though. You need Paypal, so I would try and get a secured credit card somewhere if you can?
Wait, so u want full access to WHM or just some kind of affiliate program? And how many of your sites u want your partner to host for free.