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Murdoch "Inquisition" by UK Parliament


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Has anyone watched the Murdoch "inquisition" by members of the UK Parliament yesterday? First Rupert and James Murdoch, and then Rebeka Brooks, former Chief Executive of News International. The latter Newspaper was closed after an investigation revealed that News International may have been involved in hacking phones for news stories.

I thought the questioning was quite tame. And was really impressed with how humble Rupert Murdoch appeared, apologizing profusely. Although I can imagine he and his son James must have been coached to the nth degree by the best lawyers that their money could buy. Rebekah Brooks looked a bit lonely, but does have the gift of the gab. Wonder what is going to happen to her?



Source: BBC News
None of them were professional, all are pleading 'stupidity' - it's a bust, they all now what was happening.

Facial expressions and 'I'm not personally aware' - I'm not in first hand, yada yada.

Bunch of lying toerags.

Result after millions are spent, they all go down, the old man might get off due to senility. He's playing that one well now. Considering he's played the I'm in control for years, shouldn't the son have just taken over.
Professional liars, yes. I never watched it because I'm cynical over it, nothing will happen to them as if it would if they were normal citizens. Just enforces my rules of don't trust news outlets with everything (even though I don't read papers/watch televised news, just read the odd online article) nor the police, or even the government. The higher the list you go, the more likely people are corrupt.
I did a lot of reading on Rupert Murdoch since I posted this thread and must say that this guy has a great record for being ruthlessly ambitious and being married to very ambitious wives as well the last one, number three, being the most ambitious of them all. I can imagine his life one day will be material for a TV series. He seems to have quite colourful and strong characters in his family, his second (now ex) wife being a very strong and beautiful business woman in her own right, as well as his three children by her.