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Myorderbox and their great jokes!


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I am really sorry if you think the title of this thread is not appropriate and request you to give a better one because I cant think of any better titles for this thread!!

As usual today when I was playing around with google search I came to find a myorderbox reseller offering domains for 3.99$ :p (.com,.net,.org) :| .

The registry prices asper my knowledge WAS far higher earlier which was just hiked by Verisign recently.

Nowhere on Earth such offers exist. The owner himself says its 3.99 :p and he says the wholesale price for him is much lower. :eek3: :confused4

How is this possible when registry prices to ICANN accredited registrars are much higher. (Is it a bug :p. No seriously)


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How is this possible when registry prices to ICANN accredited registrars are much higher.
No there not... How do you think they make such a profit and are able to get so much money?

But I do agree - Seems to be a scam of some sort, as I would not belive a DirectI reseller would get prices as low as 3.99


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Maybe they're running a short-time wholesale promotion?
It might be... I never thought of that...

I know when I resold domains along time ago, after you hit $1k in sales, the company I was reselling for gave you $3/year off the next 25 domains you ordered, maybe its something like that.


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In my experience, $3.99 is just for the first year... For the second year, they will charge you $6 or $8... and the third year.... $9....

That's how they get profit....


Well DAF do first year for $3.99.

What is the site of this supposed scam? I'll try it out.


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Well, there are no such offers existing with DirectI or resellerclub. What I have seen in their rate $6.99 is the lowest slab. It must be a scam. By the way where did you find this offer.