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Name.com Register


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I'm thinking of registering a domain with Name.com and was wondering if anybody has used them before and has some feedback for me. If there not very good, than I'm looking for a domain registar with these features...

Compatible with Google Apps
Under $10/year
5-10 subdomain
24/7 Support
Name Server Support


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I have no experience with Name.com but I'm wondering what Google Apps has to do with domain registrations.

Also, sub-domains are configured at the host, not the registrar. Unless the registrar offers DNS services allowing you to configure redirects and mail forwarding.

I recommend www.namecheap.com or www.godaddy.com.


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I've been using Enom for the past 5 years. They run a pretty good service. Never had a problem with them.


I have no experience with Name.com but I'm wondering what Google Apps has to do with domain registrations.
You have to be able to change certain domain records - contrary to popular opinion, not all registrars (Yahoo! Domains being one) allow this.


Sup, Recoil here.
Used them for a domain once, no issues whatsoever.

I'm pretty sure they're partners or something with domainsite.. almost exactly the same system.


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I use name.com, they're excellent. Back when I was first going to register, and was looking around I was thinking of godaddy - but I decided not to go with them due to the number of complaints about their service! Their server is always reliable (ie you can log in to your account, without getting lag from too many users), it's simple and easy. Back when .info's were free I used the opportunity to register domains in a number of different registrars - and name.com was the best.

Screenshot of my name.com CP.

As you can see everything you need is available and printed right there - name severs, expiry, AUTH code, lock status, etc - it's all easily editable and as I mentioned the server is fast and doesn't lag. The pricing is $7.99/year which I feel is very reasonable (and $5.99 for new registrations/transfers). It also has bulk management (bulk DNS, bulk lock/unlock, etc) - which is very handy if you have several domain names. Indeed go with tried and trusted - and do not go with Godaddy!

Although I haven't used any of the additional "free" services, it also comes with free private whois (Godaddy charges $6.99/yr for this "service"!), free google email, and a few other "goodies".

And best of all the registration interface is professional and not riddled with marketing frills and excessive other domains!

Here's their pricing page: http://name.com/check_our_pricing.php
And yes they're defiantly the same company as http://www.domainsite.com/ (I knew this when I registered) - they also provide what's called a "basic" domain registration for people who only want very limited features, but you cannot (to my knowledge) renew that service (and to upgrade I believe costs $2 - so not a big deal lol if you suddenly need to use email forwarding or something ...wow it’s $5.99 from domainsite). With that said that offer is pretty much obsolete as new registrations/renewals are charted at $5.99. The reason I went with name.com and not domainsite.com is simply because they provide a better service - for instance domainsite charges .50 cents/yr for private whois - it's free on name.com (I don't use it myself but it's there for free), and name.com has a lower fee for first year registrations. Here's the difference in checkout:

domainsite.com checkout
name.com checkout
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This is a little off-topic, but HAHAHA GoDaddy sucks!

Check it out, first they force you to scroll through a bunch of useless unrelated domain names (yes force you to scroll because the continue button is WAY below the line!) Then they force you to stop and try to sell you domains again! So then u click continue (for the 3rd time) - then you HAVE to register... then they try to sell me my .NAME (so I need to click continue for the FIFTH time) Now I have to change my registration length from 2 years to 1 year MANUALLY, Private Registration is automatically selected... I also find out Domain Locking costs a LOT if I want my domain locked! So I click Continue for the SIXTH time! Now they try to sell me hosting, and well just about everything else from email to a shopping cart! I click continue for the SEVENTH time - and now, and ONLY now am I actually in my shopping cart! And now and only now do they truly disclose the price of the domain is $10.19 and not $9.99 (which should be illegal - and it would be in AUS)! And again they try to sell me more domains!!! Now I have to read two HUGE terms&conditions pages:

1. https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/legal_agreements/show_doc.asp?pageid=REG_SA&prog_id=godaddy
2. https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/legal_agreements/show_doc.asp?pageid=UTOS&prog_id=godaddy

Well actually it's more like 49 pages since you may actually have to read all of these as well:
Some of those are mandatory even for the minimum service, if you care to check it out!

Now I have to click continue for the EIGHTH time! Now I thought they'd created an account for me earlier - evidently not, so now I have to create an account (and manually click "No" six times against spam they want to automatically sent to my email and phone)! After clicking CONTINUE for the NINTH time, they again want to sell me my .NAME, and they want to bill me $17.18 for my domain (+private whois) - Whew, I don't think so!

Now check this out for spam:


The ad should say "GoDaddy.com $7.99 Domain Name with Email Free #1 Overall Best - ICANN Accredited"

But, search for this:


And the ad says "GoDaddy.com $6.95 Domain Name with Email Free #1 Overall Best - ICANN Accredited"


Now click the ad, and you'll be taken to:

7.99: http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/registrar/search.asp?isc=gooy2001a
6.95: http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/registrar/search.asp?isc=goox2001au
(please note visiting the above urls will result in google being credited for you clicking their ad)... but again that doesn't include the 20c "ICANN fee" - MORE ILLEGAL ADVERTISING!

Here's another one, this is an internal code so no one profits from it as an "affiliate link":
$1.99 (+.20) but you must also purchase non-domain products.

No, I think I'll stick to name.com... 1. I search for the domain name - if all I tick is .net only that one domain is provided for me, and I click on add to cart & then checkout. If I'm already logged in that's it - I'm at my order confirmation page after just two clicks (one to search and the other to go to checkout) - something that at godaddy takes a marathon of an effort and the same service only costs $7.99/yr ($5.99 for the first year), with no hidden fees, and only one T&C page!

Does godaddy suck or what??

All decent registrars include the icann fee in their price, but here's another one that doesn't: http://gkg.net/

Here's my original 2004 thread when I was looking for a host:


Yep, life sure is beautiful!

GoDaddy may have improved their service more recently but in 2004 the forums were plagued with complaints - lots of people loosing their domains cause the renewal system wouldn't work, etc. I up'ed my domain +2 more years today, and the change was instant.
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I have used godaddy and so far no issues with them. To be honest though I am tierd of their prices and their slow server speeds, so when my domain is about to expire I might as well go to a different registrar.

Now as for having to go through all of those, you can click NO Take me to my Shopping cart and not go through all of that (its right below continue)


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name.com only charges for domain registration, domain transfers and domain renewals - they've confirmed with me that they do not charge for anything else - or sell any other additional features not included in the registration price. And as I mentioned, their server is never slow when you log on to your account. That was one of the reasons I didn’t go with godaddy. In the end you get what you pay for, and it's better to pay a little bit more and get a little bit less if it means you'll avoid potential problems or disappointment - name.com is a budget registrar and accordingly you get what you pay for, however you do get everything you need for the right price (7.99/yr). Surprisingly, register.com's server speed is significantly slower - even though their price is so much higher!

By the way Daisil, most registrars prohibit transfers within a certain time period of the domain expiry (45 days or so, I think it varies registrar to registrar) - so you should request a transfer of your domain to the registrar of you choice at least 60 days before your domain expiry!


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I think that you will be able to find something on WHT.
Make search there for the domain of this registar.

Alec P

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I use Name.com for all my new regs because of their great prices.

They have pretty much all the features you need. Managed DNS might cost extra, and the only other bad thing is that if you transfer a domain to them, the domain does not get renewed for a year.

Other than that, they're great in my opinion.


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if you transfer a domain to them, the domain does not get renewed for a year.
That must be an error as this is the info they gave me two weeks ago:
Name.com said:

Domain name registrations, renewals and inbound transfers are the only things that Name.com charges for. Regular GTLD registrations are $5.99 for the first year, and $7.99 for each renewal year. Transfers into our registrar are $5.99 and include a one year extension to your domain's expiry. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you,
I'd contact them about your domain transfer if it wasn't renewed for a year.

Alec P

New Member
Alec Poitzsch to support

I am planning on transferring all my domains to Name.com.

When I transfer a domain to Name.com, does it also renew the domain for another year?


Name.com Support to me 

Hello Alec,

The expiration date will always be one year after the original
registration date. Transferring a domain name does not extend the
expiration date.

Thank you,


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Thanks Alec, I've sent name.com an email for clarification - if I was to offer a guess, I'd guess that Elivs above mistakenly believed you were talking about free transfers between name.com accounts - this is only speculation on my part, as your question is very clearly worded in your email. I'll wait for a reply to my enquiry and of course let you know their response.

Alec P

New Member
Hello Alec,

Yes, your domain name does receive a year's extension when you
transfer your domain name. I apologize for any miscommunication there
may have previously been.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Yup you're right.