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need a host for a personal site!


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hi! i've been looking for a host for my personal site (small journal/photography site). anyways, i'm looking at different hosts, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the following. all i really want is pop-mail, a mailing list (not super necessary), cgi support, enough space for my art and journal, maybe subdomains-- and RELIABLE!!!

i'd also like to have this all under $5.00 a month...

here are the hosts i'm looking at:

http://www.megmaster.com/ ($4.00/month)
http://www.vervehosting.com/ ($5.00/month)
http://your-site.com/ ($5.00/month)
http://www.hostyard.com/ ($30.00/year)

any recommendations?


(ps- already have a domain and i handle the dns records stuff!)
actually, i would prefer to pay yearly.

how about whizhosting.com... they seem pretty fast for me... and at $3/month...
i probably won't use but 10megs of space. i only need cgi to automate my journal and form-mail. there's no reason for me to spend a lot of $$ on this site! it's just a *personal* site.

i just happen to want ftp, cgi and no adds. so i'll pay for that. i don't need all that other stuff.
I've been deleting posts from web hosts in this thread and that's why it might look a little bit strange...

To the webhosts who replied to this thread, please read the rules. We do not allow hosts to respond to a request for a recommendation.

I've seen the owner of hostyard post at webhostingtalk he seems to care about his customers. They maybe worth a try. The others ive never heard of so cant comment on.
Originally posted by Atlantis
I'd recommend Worldzone Pro http://www.wzpro.com/
I've found it to be very fast and reliable. For $36 yearly, you get 100 MB and all the features you've just listed (ftp, cgi, no ads and pop-email).

I agree with Atlantis. Worldzone PRO is one of the most reliable and user friendly (i.e. excellent customer support) web hosts.

Check out what active members have to say at http://www.worldzonesupport.com
i went with your-site.com but so far have not been satisfied with their customer support. how long am i supposed to wait for a reply? two days? a week?
Pathetic excuse for a host attempting to shamelessly promote his services.

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Originally posted by melissa
i went with your-site.com but so far have not been satisfied with their customer support. how long am i supposed to wait for a reply? two days? a week?

Melissa, that's interesting, as your-site has always had quite a good reputation as far as customer support goes. The owner, Jason Hatch, used to pop in from time to time on the alt.www.webmaster newsgroup, in fact. Several people from that group were testing your-site at the time I was still reading AWW (before it became what amounts to a spam-infested cesspool) and were quite pleased. I thought they also had phone support(?) - if that's still the case, you might try giving them a ring and finding out what the issue might be with getting the response you're seeking.
Um tom,
do you work for digitalspace.net? I heard from 2 people that there server have more down time then up..