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Need a reseller


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I need a reseller hosting account.

Currently we use 31 GB bandwidth & around 10-15 GB Disk space.

Need unlimited features like email accs etc...

MUST offer a FREE migration service.

At least two years old companies only.

Name your offers.



If you like buy package on our server then go to UniQinfotech

We are providing cheap packages.

Yes, we are four year old in our Web Services business but we have started Web Hosting business in June 2010.

You may be get promotional offer: Code is here

Offer till valide for today and 3 ordered.


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I would like to offer you our Junior Linux Hosting Reseller package that is easily upgradeable to next level or even upto a VPS

20GB Disk Space
200GB Bandwidth
cPanel 11/WHM
All Unlimited Features
Free migration will be offered
Custom NS Servers
Free Domain Reseller Account (On Request)
99.9% uptime guarantee
30 days money back guarantee

Only $16.95/month

Plan URL: http://www.beemhost.com/resellers/linux/junior.html

We are in business since 2 years ..



We are in business since 2 years. We can offer you our Pro plan.

15GB Disk Space
150GB Bandwidth
cPanel 11/WHM
All Unlimited Features
Free migration Service
Custom Name Servers
Lite Speed Server
99.9% uptime guarantee
30 days money back guarantee

Price: $12.25

Details | Order


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Good morning!

For resellers, especially established ones such as yourself I always try to suggest a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as an ideal option given they allow you to expand on demand and also provide ideal performance pretty much 100% of the time. The issue with that is now your paying additional for a cPanel license which I would assume most of your clients would be looking for.

From a VPS perspective our Scoots256 package would slightly exceed your demands which of course your going to want given you need space to expand.

All of our products have free migration services so that is a non-issue.

This Scoots256 which is $11.95/mo (currently 50% off) package would provide you with:

20GB of storage.
125 GB of bandwidth.
Everything is Unlimited such as e-mail accounts, subdomains, etc. Even IPs are unlimited and FREE, which would be a big up sell for your potential SSL customers for example.

The issue with a VPS in your situation which may not be pointed out by other VPS companies as mentioned above is that a cPanel license would need to be purchased separately running you an additional $15/mo therefore in your situation the most economical approach might be one of our hosting packages which we can enable reselling on for you and build a custom package which actually is not currently listed on our site:

25GB Disk Space
200GB Bandwidth
cPanel included
All Unlimited Features of course
100% uptime guarantee
30 days money back guarantee remains

This would run you $19.95/mo. Our servers maintain a RAID10 storage array and are 100% redundant since our initial inception. We generally have less then 5 minute ticket response times and are available 24/7.

Find us at www.bigscoots.com and we can work something out I'm sure. Please keep in mind we don't offer reselling packages to the masses, but if you order through us we will simply enable it for your account specifically.

Given this is a custom package please contact us via our livechat prior to ordering if you choose to do so as we will need to send you the link.

Kind regards,

- Scott
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Will be going with BigScoots VPS, no more offers are needed via pm or replying here.

Thanks to all that made offers.


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I thought you wanted a company that was at least two years old.
But, the best of luck to you.
I did but I spoke with there live chat and well they convinced me :p

They seem promising so yeah I'll try them out.

If I don't like them, I'll move to ServInt which started in 1995.


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Treznex please let us know how things are going with your new location in a couple of months or so. This would help everyone, and good luck.