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need help in decompiling an .exe


New Member

I have a game which lets you save your games.
Thing is, it saves it in a folder that i don't write to, so i can't save my games.
What I want to do is decompile the .exe, and change where it saves the game.
If anyone knows of some software that will let me do this, then that'd be great.

you can't decompile an exe and edit it. If that was the case, there would be millions of people with their own versions of Windows.
Well I saw a program that wood let me change some stuff, but it didn't work this time, it was called resource tuner.
Anyone have any idears as to how i can change where it saves the game?

I think robert is right, If we could edit .exe files, I bet you that Bill Gates would go out of bussiness. :)
When you find a program that does this, tell me, ill buy the rights off the maker for 10,000$, and become a millionare.
Some very simple programs you might be able to decompile, edit the assembly code, then recompile. Unless it's a very simple little game...you are gonna have a tough time...
Yes there are, there are programs that will let you edit in assembly as it runs, and programs that let you edit resources...
I have seen people decompile games and things like that but i don't know where they got it from
You can decompile .exe's using PE Explorer. But even the thought of decompiling something that you haven't made can get you into alot of trouble, during most installs they say things about 'You may not reverse-engineer this program'.
Well he's not reverse engineering it, hes tweeking his personal settings to make the game easier for himself to use.
overulehost said:

i think you are saying stuff about debugging tools
There are cracked windows files on the internet. Back when Windows 98 was the norm someone hacked regedit.exe (the windows registry editor) to fix a memory a leak, and at least reduce the effects of the reg-file size bug (have you heard of it? google search it)... also found in Windows ME. There was a game that I wanted to play without having to insert my original CD... I hacked the exe by decompiling it and pushing the memory in real time, and dumping the result (cracked.exe). I didn't distribute it or anything, as that would be a "crack".

The program I used for that is called "OllyDbg". It's very easy and simple to use, however it doesn't do anything automatically. You have to know exactly what you're searching for, and a very basic understanding of the assembly language. All it does is decomile the program so you can edit in memory as it runs, and then writes the patched .exe file if you make changes to the program. It used to have a home page at http://home.t-online.de/home/Ollydbg, but I guess you'll just have to google-search for it.

If I was so inclined I could probably easily crack shareware to make it full version, etc... I haven't tried. If something in a game or program annoys me, I know I can change it and that's all I care about. Heck I had one game I changed the registry address at where it saves... very similar to the original problem (changing a hard drive save directory). Get ollydbg.

For very simple resource-hacking get "Resource Hacker" - it may be able to solve these problems. But often you don't find these things in resource string tables, and instead they're buried deep within the program code, which is when you need ollydbg.