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Need VPS

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Need VPS with OS i'm running an legal habbo hotel. and dont have time to do that on my comp
i will pay you with ads
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You know that i'm asking for a VPS now if i can get it hope so does anyone know how to host an habbo server on it its legal cause i'v sended an mail to sulake and they agreed.
but how do i run it i have some files and one .exe needs to be on it has to be active how can i do that?

maybe proof of the agreement that you have to run a habbo server yourself. In their Terms and Conditions is stated that they don't provide licenses, only the use of their online game services to play on their own servers.

Sulake traces illegal habbo servers and gives huge fines...

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dont have a site atm need to setup one with an webhosting company i'm busy with it but i have many people that will play the server and sulake sed that it was good that i reported my server and i made an deal with them that i report other servers so they can take them off.
and after 2 years they will take mine off for 2 months and then there are only 2 hotels and my hotel will be used for habbo in china or somewhere but thats not for sure.
one minute you had traffic - 1500 uniques a day - and the next no website ..... I smell bull---- .....

nobody host this fool, I can't stand thiefs.....
i had an website but it has been taken off cause it was hosted by Xerhosting or something they went down i'm searching for other webhosters sorry need to explain that
No website at the moment? Well, thats me out :p Good luck in your search for a free VPS, you wont find one easily, thats for sure ;)
no srry dont have a log or something to proof but if u can just let me try it a few days and i will come with the screenie of the stats ok? i dunt know anything else but i have an website but its not on the internet need to go to friend he has the .htm docs
I would need to know some sort of proof of how it was before, not if I gave you hosting and how it was doing after a few days. What was the URL before? I still may be able to help, maybe a trial run even, but a bit more information please. You can PM me if you like. :)
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