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Network Solutions-Why You Should Boycott

Either way, I would say it is unfair, but seeing as the Australian rules and USA rules are completely different, doesn't mean that the Aussie laws would outlaw the USA rules is false, as said in somebody else's post it would be held in a US court, not In Australlia.
Well, see the way I see it, it would be held in any court according to the TLD's authority - so registering a .co.uk domain for 5 days in order to prevent competing businesses selling the domain, would most likely be heard under a British court. Besides, as I said - I don't care whether Australian jurisdiction applies or not - what I said is that if I see that a business is engaged in activates that would breach our TPA/other business laws then they will never, ever have my business. Hell, if I found out they pay their employees less than the Australian minimum wage they'd loose my business!

And you wonder why politicians often promise our system will never model the American!


Anyway I'm done with this thread. If you think NS has the "right" to prevent other registrars from registering domains searched on their website, well good for you.
Good subject for discussion gone south on the Aus side (Meksilon) no one else likes it and no one else has made it a personal Aus law should be global thing - can you stop it please (and in every other thread as it's bloody annoying).
I find it interesting that the person who made that blog posts "applauds Network Solutoins" for quickly making changes.

There would be no need for changes if the company wasn't doing, what in my opinion is, unethical business practices. Just because it isn't against the law doesn't make it right, and due to this, I will never do business with this company again [and have half a thought to transfer the one domain I have from them to somebody else]
In response to customer concerns, we may reserve domains after you search for them to protect you from Front Runners.

they say that on the index page.
the only answer is, don't buy it from them.