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New WL v3


-Team WebLyte-
Hey guys,

We've been busy working away with code to come up with our latest version of our website. We've done 3 versions of the WL website independently and we've gotten great feedback from our designs.

We like to stay consistent with trends while also making things easy which is why I'm posting for a little feedback before launch next week.

The vision of this new website it to keep things clean, visible, easy to navigate and clutter to a minimum. We notice that a lot of other companies are still using the cluttered web 2.0ish look - we are following trend with Google & Facebook with the minimal approach.

Enough of my chatter,

http://sandybox.weblyte.com :angel:
Hi Michael, at the bottom of your site I see XHTML Valid. Yes it is, but your CSS have errors. http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/...21&warning=0&uri=http://sandybox.weblyte.com/.
The new design looks cool, but your links at the top of the page "Web hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Support" must have a hover effect because they aren't so visible as links. Same for links from your footer. Why your links there have black font ? Black is for text, links should be different.

Yes, we've still gotta go back over all CSS and HTML as there is a bunch of stuff that's still floating around waiting to be nixed. Thanks for the specifics about the CSS, added to the basket of things to do.

I personally thought the black link text was slick but as you say with no hover it may not be taken as a hyperlink. I've added these to my lil "fix-it" basket and will get to these here shortly!

Thanks for your help my friend :)
It's very... blue. Overused blue. It's blue on blue and white on blue and black on blue with a bit of orange on top for funsies. You font sizes are just weird. The content is cluttered and very unorganized. There's no center; nothing to focus your eyes on. Nothing is subtle. It's like you found key aspects of web 2.0ness and blew them all out of proportion.

You really missed the google/facebook cleanliness trend. Instead, you've accomplished hacky web 2.0

I also looked at your current design. It's certainly better than sandybox, however not by much. I'm not quite sure where all this "great feedback" is coming.
I couldn't even review. :(

Warning: require_once(includes/header.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/weblyte/public_html/sandybox/index.php on line 26

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'includes/header.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/weblyte/public_html/sandybox/index.php on line 26
Whoops, all fixed now.

Be warned things may be crazy looking as I'm working to define contrast as well as coloring and text which has been an issue with reviewers. So the only thing being updated at the moment is the index page.

Thanks for checking in :)
One suggestion: try to replace that line that is between links in navbar. Right now you have an interrupted line which I don't like. Try a normal line separator.
Awesome, I implemented this and it looks a lot better than the dashed ones. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Overall I've made a lot of improvements to the design, worked on contrast and such. Hopefully it's not as bland as before.
It's most definitely cleaner and my eyes can better focus. However, it still lacks a center or a sense of direction. Everything from the logo and nav links on up looks satisfactory. However, you have a content box, then one line of big text on white, then another content box, then more lines of text, then a line of boxes and another content box. The pattern you found for the background does not suit this site either.

You need less slogans and one-line phrases -- consumers can only take so much and they're poorly written. Put a paragraph in that explains who you are and why you're so great. However, please stop generalizing groups of people (i.e. web designers) and saying they love your services. It's not professional. Nor is your 10 exclamation marks, or your use of emoticons (footer), or "We love cpanel!!"

Serious question: are you very young or is English not your primary language?

This all brings me to something I feel is fundamentally wrong with your business. It's that you refer to anything your business does as "we", yet it feels as if it's just you. Especially since you're the face and admitted to being the designer.

You're clearly determined, but you need to show some professionalism and class in your website. I know you care, and that's great, but your whole presentation oozes "I'm using reseller hosting" instead of "I'm the operator of a hosting company with control of our servers".

Note: if this seems harsh, it's because I care and you need to know.

Thanks for being honest and caring about the situation. I really do appreciate that.

Thanks for pointing out that flow. I really have tried to incorporate at least a little subliminal guidance, but I guess it's under my influence a little too much. I like these points as they give me another mindset to look from and fix things with, or at least bridge ideas together to work for the masses - which is what the objective is :)

I'm still playing around with backgrounds to find something that fits, I have about 20 that I'm working with, maybe I can take a few screenshots and post them here to see what works and what not.

As far as the site's text is currently, it's still in dev mode and everything was put there as a place holder (especially to gauge lengths and such). The text that will be place will be heavily revised before publishing as the core site. I do admit, I get carried away when editing on the fly.

I'm about to be 27 years old and I have lived here in America all of my life. :)

Yes, I will openly admit that it's primarily just me running things and yes I have a very, very high determination level - WL is my baby and I put my everything into her. I think we're on the right track as we own all of our hardware (shared, vps, dedicated), have excellent partnerships with local DCs and continue to move on up. I really do thank you for taking the time out of your day to help a friend out.

That's whats up :)