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Weird as it seems, but I came across the word 'stu' somewhere and I got instantly reminded of this forum. FWS has somewhere on my bookmarks bar since forever, but I never really bothered about it (as with many other bookmarks).

So I clicked, and in a way I'm happy at how many things stayed the same. Okay, the template looks different now, but the list of forums still look the same to me, though sadly with less activity than before. And it seems that I've been a member of this forum for more than half my life.

I guess forums have largely yielded to social networks and all, and pretty much no one actually cares for free web hosting anymore (or is it just a change in perspective as a result of getting older and being able to pay for things?). There's Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive if you want to store documents, Blogger or WordPress if you want to blog about yourself (and even then, blogging seems to be a dying art), and newfangled things like Tumblr. I think in the past few years that I've been on the Internet I've rarely come across a website that's hosted on a free host. Perhaps this means I'll finally get to 'unlimited data transfer' and 'unlimited web space' that I requested some 13 years ago since there aren't many others fighting with me!

Anyway, I'm curious how old are you guys now? Surely I can't be the youngest member here anymore!


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Lot`s have changed in the hosting world in the last 10 years. The price of web hosting and servers is very cheap. I`ve been hanging around on the FWS since 2005 on and off. I`m 33 now!


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You are part of the old guys now [MENTION=3056]trenzterra[/MENTION] :)

I always appreciate an update from those who visited frequently in the past. It brings back some fun memories.


I came back here some time ago, but then got caught up with work. I'm 28 years old now... and certainly a different person when I first joined this website. I look back and shake my head in embarrassment over some of things I did. Yeah, there is quite a bit of nostalgia nonetheless. I wonder what happened to "bigperm".


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Hi guys and girls :)
Remember me?

Since 2006 and I'm 24, 25 in September. Means I joined when I was 16... I too look back with regret over some of my posts (Jan, I offer you a personal apology for the way I always seemed to treat you.. In all honestly, I've always respected you.)
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Woohooo! Let's keep keep 'em coming. [mention=2]Peo[/mention], any word on maybe sending a mass email out to all those with > 1000 posts?

sander k

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Lol, I got my own server, I am not a host tho. But I am willing to host NLC people for free.


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welcome back man. I am 30, but I will be 31 this April. I joined October 2005 when I was 22. oh, and WTF is up [MENTION=2365]Ben[/MENTION] (aka Mo B D!ck)?
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