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OMG Overselling is ...


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Hi Everyone,

I found this site today http://www.globat.com/. My god if they can really provide that SERVER specs at those prices i bet nobody is here to stay :)

I think there is time for some laws in hosting business it is going out of hands :lol: and i thought Dreamhost, 1and1, site5 were big oversellers
10. Bandwidth and Disk Usage.
10.1 - Customer agrees that Globat will monitor and meter Customer's daily bandwidth and disk usage and in the event that Customer exceeds the bandwidth or disk usage allocated to each hosting package on any given day Globat may take corrective action which may, at Globat's sole discretion, include the assessment of additional charges, disconnection or discontinuance of any and all Services, or termination of this Agreement. All bandwidth is measured daily and monthly bandwidth allowances are divided by the calendar days of a given month to determine the daily bandwidth allowance. Customer agrees that in the event of a dispute Globat's monitoring reports shall be the final method of determination how much disk space and bandwidth was used and agrees to pay the excess usage charges when due. Customer's logs files are counted against any disk usage.
10.2 - To avoid unfair resource distribution at no time shall Customer use more than 15 simultanious processes by and with any of Customer's applications and not upload any file larger than 10 megabyte. All images in a Customer's hosting account must be linked to from pages within the Customer's hosting account. It is a violation of this agreement if Customer uses this account as merely an image, sound or file library. Binary files such as images, video and sound (i.e MP3, WAV, RA, GIF, JPG but not limited to those file extensions) may only account for a maximum of 50% of Customer's total bandwidth usage before customer must upgrade to a higher performance solution.

Always read the TOS
They might be overselling but they offer a 1 year refund (pro-rata) which isnt bad...

When you go through the order stage and click on the package details it states for the T01 Plus - Terabyte Plus Package™ "3.5TB bandwidth per month", which i bet is a typo... also prices go up after the first year.
You will not use over the space as they would limite something like CPU usage, apache connection, etc.
I agree with the CPU usage limit. You should take hottweelz advise and read te terms of service before you sign up with them and get your account suspended. Most of the time if its looks too good to be true, then it is. Sadly true :( Globat is a good provider from the reviews I have seen, however not experiencing their service could limit my judgement on them. They do infact offer a guarantee, so if you are considering using them as your provider make sure you read well into that aswell. Good luck to you!
1000 GB bandwidth and 100 GB diskspace is offered by 1&1. Although they are a reputed company and they have a strong customer base, but I think this offer is still one of the gimmicks of web hosting world.

For example: They offer 50 Mysql Db @ 100 mb each. Aha! Why? What will I do with my 100 GB diskspace when my databases will limit me from expanding:) And If you look in detail, you may find limitations like this in all the resources that makes 1000 GB bandwidth, 100 GB diskspace not as attractive as it looks:)
Well every customer who wants 1000GB bandwidth and 100GB disk space on shared enviroment has some serious brain limitation or it just doesn't understand what it's all about.
Always, there will be some catches in somewhere. Setup Fee, Yearly Fee, etc.

My believes that this is just a maketing technique to attracting people. 70% people won't use the amount bandwidth and storage what they provide with. If they do, they could return the money and say bye..bye. I heard this happened many places.