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One Style?


New Member
How would I go about creating one style and settings i.e. text color, bold, font etc so that all pages use the settings retrived from one page or css?

I only want to be able to change the font colors, link colors, active link colors.

How can I do this so that I only have to edit one page and all the pages will have that setting?

Use a content management system (cms, or sometimes referred to as a cmp)

But this involves PHP, ASP, CGI, or someother scripting language. PHP may be the best choice because it would most likely use a mysql database.

check out http://www.typo3.com (i think thats it)
otherwise go to www.hotscripts.com

hope ive been of some help

use cascading style sheets

have a file mystyle.css with your colour scheme eg

A {color:green ; font-weight: bold}

then link this in the head of your html page

<link rel="stylesheet" href="mystyle.css" type="text/css">

then just change mystyle.css when you want a new look
I don't know much about CSS, so can anyone help me.
What would I have to write to do the following:

I want the:
Text to be Blue
Mouseover text to be Red
Background to be Black
Links to be Green

How do i write CSS for the above?

A {font-family : YOURFONTFACE; text-decoration : none; font-style : normal; color : COLOR}
A:Link {font-size : 12px; color : COLOR}
A:Visited {font-size : 12px; color : COLOR}
A:Active {font-size : 12px; color : COLOR}
A:Hover {font-size : 12px; color : COLOR}

You can set the background color in the <BODY> tag.
Thanks for that, everything works, but I can't get to change the font color yet.
What am I doing wrong?

I'm using frontpage, and I change the text to defined term to make the paragraphs closer together. I tryed normal text, but the font color still doesn't change. Why can this be?