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Optimal Sever Specs


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Even though I haven't been active at it for years, my job found out that I once knew a thing or two about web development. I glanced over some tutorials to refresh my memory and wrote a couple database driven applications for the outdated business intranet that automated some daily tasks and now I'm being asked to work on these kind of projects as my primary function.

I spent the last month or so getting up to speed on fully embracing OOP practices, what new (to me) things are available, and becoming inspired to work on a few personal projects. So now I'm in need of a home server that allows me to work on various projects since there are a mixture of server types, language options, and software packages deployed at my job combined with my personal preferences.

I'm looking for affordability, low power consumption, preferably fan-less, and capable of supporting everything I need -- which is a little more than a basic LAMP setup.

Here's my list of features I need:

- Mandatory Web Stuff: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Redis, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails
- Mandatory Math Stuff: GNU Octave with web interface, Python w/ full SciPy stack, R if I can find a suitable web front end version
- Databases I'd like to install and try: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, CouchDB

Here's what I'll be using it for:

- Developmental testing of some work and a handful of personal projects.
- Home intranet with some basic applications for me and my family to stay organized.
- Doing some light scientific stuff at home. No enormous data sets, mostly just proof of concept type things and personal projects.
- I've built a few data collection devices based on open source micro-controllers, which I would like to deploy full time. So they would connect to the server and send their data.
- Store a couple truecrypt containers to keep backups of school work, bills, etc.

So far, I've been looking at something like this Asus with 4GB RAM and a 250GB SSD. Too much? Too little?

I know it's not a pure hosting question, but based on the knowledge of the people who would be browsing this forum I thought I might get an informed answer. Plus, I'm already a registered user here, so I thought starting here would be best.

Thanks in advance.
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4GB RAM and a 250GB SSD sounds good according to how you want to use server
I would query google: intel atom 22nm silent 4GB SSD
You may benefit from a beefier configuration, Check for Intel i-series desktops with 8GB+ RAM.