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OUr School Network!

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Dark Matter

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For ages our certain IT Class and the IT techies have had a war for ages.. Blocking us from the internet and certain applications, detentions for printing to much! And basically made everything impossible to use,so many apps blocked.

So we keep finding ways to bite back!

Yeah this is pretty much bad and we probs get done for it big time but it was fun...

We shut the network down today lol simply made a text file "command.com" and named it command.bat... kept on opening this because they blocked cmd.exe also.. but it gets to a point where it stays open and "end now not responding box appears" But you can enter text into prompt!

So we enter...

shutdown -m \\ curriculum

whole network was down for an hour lol

Anybody else when at school done anything similar simply because your IT techies are very cocky to students, miserable and rude?
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I stole the RAM out of the school's file server once. We were in desperate need of RAM at home. I figured my parent's donations to the school should cover the costs.
Oh yea, I've also got my school's Windows 2003 CD key, it still works.
hehe i remember editing the schools centeral servers boot code to read:
"Fee Rules, Mrs Robbinson is a -----".
Every PC in the school booted up to that for 3 days or so till they finally figured out what id done!
Ahh.. good Ol BBC PCs!
The worst thing we ever did was make proxies on several free hosts, and used them to get around the blocks.

:( I want to be a nerd like you guys.
[DWH]Yuxuan;999064 said:
Because he was very excited, and found the entire experience exhilarating?

Considering these It Technicians are complete **** holes and seeing everyones computer just freeze at once.. thats about all 500 computers in the school.. it was fairly exciting :p

One of the technicians just sits there and talks to you like you should understand computers lol feel sorry for some of the kids that visit them about problems

Its alright he is always too busy on theregister.com where the other tech you can see is reading up how to install a new hard drive... well it seems its been that for a week :S

The worst thing we ever did was make proxies on several free hosts, and used them to get around the blocks.

:( I want to be a nerd like you guys.

Just learn some DOS commands Or UNIX commands if unix based.. pretty simple and hours of fun.. sending messages.. remotely controlling ect... as long as you can access cmd.exe your sorted :p

\\we got another surprise for them today! :p should not damage the network in anyway... we hope (i say we because technically i did not shut the network down about 4 of us doing this..sharing what we know..)
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I nearly actually got kicked out of my IT Course with what we did. They had a server which basically blocked all the internet access to everything, even google. Twas ----e. We got into the admin area of that, made our own network users and went crazy on our newly formed users. Well untill they found out anyway. They interagated me and a mate in a little room, bright light, strapped to a chair. Exageration, but yeah. Little do they realise, I still know the Administrator password, and they've got plenty of games on their server for when I got bored. Oh yeah, I used to remote desktop the server from the PC's. ----ty technicians.
I use a usb drive and put firefox portable on it....and pretty much I can view every site.....Thats what I do at the library :)
I figured out how to change the internet settings so everything was running without any sort of filter. Was fun while it lasted.

Also figured out how to get into the teacher's "admin panel" so you can ---- with all the other computers in the room.
Simple thing, plug the ethernet cable in the wall, to make a loop.
My old school glued all the enternet cables in the wall though now, so you couldn't do that anymore.
I took the whole school network offline once for a week, including the libarys which was on a seperate network, later added. Was bad at the time, they never knew who did it though ^,^ I wasn't that surprized it took them a week to fix a simple network problem. (the network offline was down to something else :p)
when i was working on fixing the computers and network at a local private school, i made it so i could access the network at home and mess with the students computers. i also told the school director that a couple of the pc's we bad, that actually were, so i could "throw them out". But, instead took them home and fixed it to where i made one good comp out of about 3 pc's and my wife used it for about a year till i bought her a new one. :p got a free wacom tablet from them, some extra ram, windows 2000 pro with key, 3d studio max, and a few other things. :D i still have a key for the comp room, and it now has all comps, and no cameras, but, i am not a big time burglar or anything, so, they will just keep their computers.
Ahh.... messing around with the school computers/network. I used a simple php mail() function to send out emails to students which where supposedly from the headmaster to tell them to go to his office, it was funny. Ow yeah and i'm 'borrowing' all the laptops at school's and as many computers Windows XP Profesional Product Keys.

EDIT: Ow yeah the old portable firefox trick, I still haven't tried out my copy yet.
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Ok well lets see what I did:

They had a poor system. I had access to all of the teachers files, student files, and admin files. I screwed around with a few kid's files who had pissed me off. I think I deleted one kid's files for the yearbook 2 or 3 times before he started carying around a removable drive. It took them soo long to figure out it was ME doing it, but was fun none-the-less.

They clearly do not know what I am doing, because I sit here working from puTTy.exe and get yelled at with the techs insisting I am hacking something. It is very funny.

Thats all I ever really did.
(BTW i tried the shutdown command from my school (at school now) but it didn't work, even after changing the last bit to "wolf2k" which is what the school has it labeled as)
Well didnt we get boned today!!

Got taken out of class and the techies had ago at us all... lol (putting exe files on a usb they are still blocked..)

Im on the edge of losing access to the network completly... just for educating people how to use a DOS Prompt :S

Friend has lost access to the network..

and other friend played dumb and said " i have no idea what a batch file is"

They found me out cos they searched for .bat files on the network and found us lot ... :( lol

The techies basically said that that command wouldnt do anything.. the shut down one.... but it did.. :S and then he went on about saying why was you on the prompt if u know nothing about it.. you wouldnt get into a car if u dont know how to drive... i was just like umm :S

So yeah i really got to get my IT work done so im writing a sorry letter cant really afford to loose access.. it was a laugh and fun but thats it now..

Some DiDA crap :(
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I remember doing the firefox portable trick a few years back. Then they got mad at me so I just did some tricks and made it look like IE. hehe

Me and a friend are trying to get into the highschool network back home then I can rdp into one of the main computers and have fun :D
since ff was so new when i was in high school, we never had FF portable, and didnt even know about it till today. wow. that is pretty cool though.
That reminded me of when the techies found out my 'hidden' batch files that I used to stop the program that enables your teacher to view your computer and lock it etc. Though my from tutor told me to go to see the techies and I had IT and checked if my 'hidden' batch files where there and they weren't, I never went to the techiew though. The only reason they found out is that they have software that screenshots your desktop at random intervals and saves it where the techiew look at 'em.
My school JUST got a new system to monitor individual computers, and the teacher has full control. So I just get onto my lappy that is connected into the network :p
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