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PayPal Question

Okay, here's the problem - my card doesn't have a visa/mastercard logo on it, I can't find a verification number anywhere on it, and it doesn't have an expiration date marked on it. Does this mean I can't make purchases online with it?
Yeah, as said that's just an ATM, not a debit.
Ask your bank for a debit card, I don't know what it's like where you live, but the UK is 16+ and you get a debit, from ATM.
debit card is accepted too. i verified mine using visa debit card, no problem. But you need to verify your bank account if you want to withdraw your money from paypal
Okay, thank you. Yeah, it's just an ATM card. I might get a debit card soon, but I don't see the point because I accessed my internet banking today to see my balance and I saw a few links that said "Money transfer" and I started looking into it, and if I find a recipients email address I can send them as much money as I want. Do hosts (big webhost providers) accept "money/bank transfer" if so, what I was talking about above is that a bank transfer?
Some do, but not many. Most I've seen that do allow it, it's pre-pay. Then again, if you get scammed, you'll have to do a charge back.