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Please give suggestion on my hosting site


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We have complete hosting website for discount offer on hosting .
We choose Hyper-V as our virtualzation platform because it completely isolates your virtual server from others, and basically its actually same as dedicated server, except it is more flexible. Unlike Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, and other virtualization platforms Hyper-V guarantees dedicated RAM, and you got yourself VPS server much stronger than dedicated one (similarly priced).

We offer completely managed support which alone costs more than complete VPS package at dedicated server providers!
Please review it and give your suggestions about http://www.vpswebserver.com .
Nice...very clean.. The only thing i didn't like was the tags area at the bottom....but who am i to criticize, Looks great Jenny!!!!
Yea, overall, love the colors. Content placement is good as well. But, the tags, well, are unprofessional. A search bar would look better.
It felt kind of weird to me using the drop-down menu on the top. There's not really any indicator if a link has a drop-down submenu, and when you're hovering over the submenu, you don't have any indication which category the submenu came from. The animation seemed slow, too. It makes the drop down feel a little unresponsive.

The tags seem out of place for a VPS host site, I agree.

Aside from that, looks good. It's got uniformity between Firefox, Chrome, and IE7-9, and it was easy enough to navigate around on my phone.

As others have mentioned, I not sure about the tags? I'm assuming you've put them there for SEO purposes?

Also do you need a seperate page for each VPS plan? Maybe have a comparison page instead with all the plans listed and the differences between them easy to see?

Looks nice otherwise and easy to navigate.
Looks decent

It looks good, however, you should offer mobile versions of your website. It looks broken when you visit the website from an iPhone.
Thank you all guys for your helpful comments we will try to make our site better according to look wise i need your exerts review about our hosting packages .
thanks for your valuable comments guys i just need a review about packages .

The package prices are fairly expensive. That's not necessarily a bad thing if you can warrant those prices. Can you? What do you offer that a company providing Hyper-V VPSs for half that price doesn't? Keep in mind that there are quite a few companies that charge about 1/4 of your prices, and since Hyper-V doesn't allow for overselling, we can't blame the cheaper prices on that.

The add-ons are also WAY too expensive. You're charging $50 for an extra 1GB of RAM. The majority of my datacenters charge me around $40 for 8GB of RAM for my dedicated boxes, and I consider that to be generally on the more expensive end. $50 for 1GB is well beyond highway robbery.

The $1/GB for disk space is also outrageous. That's $1000/mo. for 1TB of disk space. $1000 per month?? You can buy 3 extremely powerful dedicated servers for that price, with an entire RAID10 array all your own, and power well beyond what you could ever offer them on a VM.

$100 for 1TB of bandwidth? About $50 more and you can buy the client their own dedicated 100mbps connection. I realize you offer gigabit ports, but I'm sure the client would much rather pay about the same price and get their own fully-dedicated bandwidth, with dozens of times the transfer that you're offering.

Hope that helps. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it is what it is.
For the site it's wonderfull except the footer is too high..for the packages honestly the prices are a little bit expensive