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Please review my site!

Hi Scott,

A few things come to mind for me.

I like the template! Nice and clean. REALLY like it, in fact.

Do you have TOS? AUP? It's not anywhere, nor did I encounter it on the sign-up page.

How about an About Us section? You're not doing a good job of selling yourself...wait...does that sound bad? :p People want to know who they're dealing with. They want to know about your "company", etc., etc. Some of the About Us pages out there are completely overrated, but I always found that people want to know who you are. Where is your datacenter (yes, I know it's SoftLayer, but do your potential clients?), what are the specs of your servers, etc.?

The Support page is a little bit of a mess. All the text is jumbled together for me (latest Firefox).

I don't like your logo being offset. I don't know why the hell it bothers me, but it does. ha! It's absolutely, incredibly irritating to me. ROFL!

Don't care for the tiny login thing at the top either. I realize the username and password pops up, but I have mixed feelings on that green thing.

Other than that looking great!! Welcome back too! Glad you finally got everything sorted out with the host.
@sander k
Yes, after taking a look, I should have the rights, but I am still skeptical.
There was nothing in the included "Read Me" that said I couldn't remove the "By:BluzThemes" footer. I also couldn't find any Terms of Use, or similar documents on the theme's website. I think I am going to play it safe for a while, add add the footer back. I'm going to shoot Paz from BluzThemes an email, to get their consent before I remove it again.

I have yet to look at the site in Firefox. I use Google Chrome, most of the time. I will download Firefox, and take a look at the site. (maybe that's that annoying offset logo thing you were talking about...if its browser specific)
Also, do you think it would look better for the green "Login" box to say "Client Login" instead?

As for the ToS, there is one, but no link on the main site (there is a link in WHMCS, when you accept it during the checkout process). I decided I am going to make a Navigation right above the footer. There, I can included links to the Tos, About us page, Server Status page, and maybe a few more misc. ones....

Support Page: Yes, I agree, at the moment, it is warzone. Just a bunch of links and information at the moment... I will get to work on that :)

Thanks all for your input! I appreciate it!
Actually, when you click the "purchase" button on BluzGraphics' website, It takes you to Themeforest.net, so I assume Themeforest's Template Licenses apply. I still haven't received a reply to my support ticket. Like I said, for now, I will leave the copyright footer in place.
I must be missing something, did he say some internet bill took his site down? I never heard anything about a censorship on internet sites, and that link he posted was about as useless as boobs on a bull.

He probably got busted for illegal material, as I believe the swag bay had links or something to pirated material.
Check out Post 1376

He said he was really running the business for some school project or something (which is a complete lie) and shut it down because the project had ended.

He shut it down because he's yet another kid trying to run a host out of his parents' basement, and he ran out of allowance money. It's as simple as that.
ROFL!! Of course, I was editorializing a bit, but that was my take on it! ha ha! :D