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Processor VS RAM?


New Member
Hi, this question has always been unclear every time me or someone's buying a new computer. So really, how important is a high-end processor in your rig aside from having lots of RAM? You see, even if a new rig has Dual core processors, Vista makes it a drag with only 1 GB RAM, you still need more RAM to make it fast. For the average user, do we really need high-end expensive processors or just RAM? What programs typically needs this processor in order to feel its effect.
RAM allows you to handle processes that are short, quickly. CPU allows you to handle long processes like encoding video or audio quickly if you have a large CPU. You can't really have one without the other.
Im with these guys.

A kickass processor with only 256meg of ram is not going to do much for you since the CPU will be always waiting from things to be loaded from virtual memory.

4gig of ram wont help you run the latest apps at a decent speed if your just running a Semipron 2200 or somthing low end.

As for the CPUs themselves, im an INTEL man, however most PCs i build are AMD. The average gain you get from choosing to go Intel over AMD is not worth the extra cash in most cases.