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Questions about dedicated servers


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First, I'd like to say I'm quite a newbie at dedicated servers, sorry if any of these things sound silly..

I've recently come around EastCoastServers.com... what they offer sounds pretty good, except that it seems like all those packages are for "archives" type of sites -- that is, all of the packages offer a lot of space, but little memory and not very good processors. Well, what I'm really looking for is really the opposite, I don't really need that much webspace as 1.3gb-6gb, I need way less, but oppositely I need a lot of ram and a fast processor speed, since I own a heavily CGI-oriented site.

Are there any companies that offer dedicated servers at the price of EastCoastServers.com ($79~$179 per month) but with what I need?


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It will be hard to find any servers in that price range offering better cpu and more ram, as these are the things that cost.

Hard drives hardly cost anything these days, so they don't make the price difference, the most expensive things in a computer are still the CPU and the RAM memory.


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I could not find your email address, and my ICQ keeps crashing...

I just got another dedicated server which is mostly empty. It is one of the new Raq4's with 128MB of RAM. Right now I have mySQL running on it, as well as CGI and ASP. I may be willing to offer you a large package which would benefit me by using the server space, and you by getting most of a dedicated server at a lower price.

Email me what you plan to do, and I'll see if I have a solution for you. Otherwise, I have a couple dedicated server plans I can recommend as well.


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just saw this at insedecrew.com

Economy Server Account: $120.00 Monthly / $120.00 Setup
CPU: Celeron 466MHz
Drive 1: 6.4 GB
IP Addresses: 5 IP Addresses
OS: Your Choice
Bandwidth: 15GB/month

But I don't have any experience with those guys


Not sure if a Celeron 466 and 64 Mb of ram is exactly fast and large. Good post though as it demonstarates what you'll typically find at this range. All of the things I would suggest are almost identical to these specs at that price.